Friday, March 02, 2007

LiveJournal hates me =S

It really does.. I used to have an account on there years ago but for the life of me can't remember the password or even the correct spelling of the user name. I try to post a comment on blogs over there (that's when the server actually allows me to view pages over there.. I once couldn't access any LJ pages for a month!) and it always accuses me of being a spammer/mass commenter or something silly like that. In small letters it reads that maybe it's just my IP address and something having to do with the network so contact my service provider. HA HA. AS IF I'd even dream of wasting time on the phone with etisalat for them to tell me they don't know what's wrong with it.
Anywayz, today I was finally 'permitted' to visit LJ. I visited a few pages and among them was Kath's blog =) Brilliant writings u have there Kath (I suspect it's something that runs in the family... ;) Both u and BW are talented writers "bismilla mashalla alaykum" =P ) I was a bit worried over what topic I might try and present for speech comm mid-term exam this Tuesday. Your post "The Internet is Dying" gave me a great idea and solved my prob! I'm going to present an informative presentation about anime and how it has become part of pop culture today ::grins:: Arigatou.


katheria said...

Ahh!!! *embarassed*

I am not permitted to visit Lj quite often myself, usually when I'm at home though. I have to browse from college to be sure I'd have access which is kind of a waste of time. At home I connect and reconnect many many times before I either get access or just plain give up. x_X

Good luck on your speech comm mid-term! =D

Who is BW, btw? I guess you mean my cousin? =X

El Hazard said...

Sank ya =)

Lol, BW = Bookworm = ur cousin ;)