Friday, March 02, 2007

Uwacini 2

I am smiling BIG TIME. Al Jabrain (the two Al Jabri brothers, Hamad and Ahmad, are twins and thus their nickname.) have finally made Uwacini 2 : Ibtasm 2007. Their first tape together, Uwacini, made history in the nasheed world. Haha, aside from their amazing creativity with the background sounds the release of Uwacini also marked the price raise in nasheed tapes with eqaa from 10dhs to 15 dhs. Next thing everyone knew nasheed tapes were getting more creative everyday and of course - all eqaa/ duff tapes were raised to 15dhs...
Hmm maybe I'll make one of my presentations for speech comm a history of nasheed presentation. I definitely don't need any preparation when it comes to speaking about nasheed =P
I loaded a demo from the Ibtasm 2007 on to my 4shared site. Enjoy =)


little man said...

i really enjoyed this short track!

got my fingers tapping!

would appreciate more like this

kind regards

little man

El Hazard said...

This tape isn't out yet. I think they plan to release it in April. After I buy it I'll post some of the tracks here.

little man said...

cool! i look forward to it

little man