Friday, March 02, 2007

Latest uploads 2.3.07

I finally got around to uploading the rest of Nazeel Azami's tracks from his tape, Dunya.






Here are some random nasheeds (arabic) I uploaded today as well:

Salatullah [ Ahmad Al Hajeri from the new tape: Ya Thanoobi]

Banee wa Banakum [Mishary al Arada]

Ala Yallah [Ahmad Al Hajeri from the tape Han al Foad.. Al Safi sung it the first time. I like both versions but I am totally in love with Al Safi's - he also sung it at BW's uni =) ]

Ya Layt [ Al Jabrain from the first Uwacini tape ^_^]

Hubach Al Ghali - without duff - [Ibraheem Al Saeed and Khalid..... I forgot what his last name is!]

Twade3oni [Asem Al Qassim it's the title song of a new nasheed tape soon to be out ^_^]

and lastly (kheetamahu misk ^_^)

Al 3roosah [Ahmad Al Mansoori from his last tape Ukht al Gamar]

More to come later (I am so loving 4shared) =)

~Enjoy ~


Bookworm said...

Domo Arigatou Guzaimasu

El Hazard said...

You're always welcomed ;)

little man said...

Thank you for posting the rest of the songs.. im so glad you did because i never heard of him before in london


ps the first song ("the opening") is missing.. its 3:25 long.. do you have it by any chance?

thanks for your blog snd for being cool!

little man

El Hazard said...

You're welcome. I'll look for the missing song if I find it I'll post it inshallah.