Saturday, March 03, 2007

Getting a Handle on College

This will most likely be my final post -

In my Language Practice class we are working in a book called: Reading and All That Jazz, 3rd Edition. Very interesting book with plenty of great reading articles. When I get a chance I'll copy out some of the articles for you guys ^_^.
Anywayz, the first chapter is titled: Getting a Handle on College: How We Learn. It is filled with all kinds of interesting mini-tests. I copied out two of them for BW and decided as a final post I should share it with u guys =)
[Determines whether you're a Lark or an Owl]
[Determines which part of you're brain is more dominant]
I was too tired to proofread when I was done so excuse any spelling mistakes. XD
(- Lol, my final post for this weekend =P I most likely won't be posting anything during the week unless I find some serious spare time or get smacked with a sudden urge to blog..)
Hope u guys have a wonderful week...
Ja =)


katheria said...

We did a lot of these quizes/tests in my first college year. They had all of them on some... "career coach" part of their website, and there was a course for it. Early in the semester we were so bored in our breaks with not much to do so we ended up doing all of the quizes, then when it was course time we realized that we weren't supposed to! Oops.

El Hazard said...

LOL =)