Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thank God it's Thursday =)

And I thought last week was crazy! Ha ha.. HA. I have seen some sights this week and I seriously believe my eyes will never be the same again.. EVer!
One morning as I was sitting in the bus, waiting for it to pull off, I saw something quite big run into the street. It half flew, half ran. I saw wings so I knew it wasn't cat or dog but it was too big to be a normal pigeon or the other small birds one normally sees. It did it's cross run/fly thingie to the median in a very ackward way. It was now closer and I could see it was in fact a duck (cute black and white one). It was then that I noticed there were two guys chasing it. That duck worked them as it zig-zagged on and off the streets and both duck and guys were dangerously close to being hit by one of the passing by cars (there was no traffic so the cars were driving normally). Finally they chased the duck to the other side of the road out of sight. A few minutes later I saw them passby with the now captured duck. I really felt bad for the duck cuz the guy who caught it was obviously angry after having such a workout so early in the morning and was carrying the duck by its wings (ouch!).
That was the morning.. after my last class that afternoon I was walking to the school cafeteria to see if the day's menu looked appealing and I happened to pass by the lounge room. The lounge room is part of the cafeteria but instead of the normal lunch tables and chairs there are sofas and coffee tables (we're allowed to carry food in there if we want). Anywayz, for no explainable reason I decided to have a look inside as a passed.... I seriously thought my eyes had definitely seen everything when I first saw two girls "necking" (I mean that in a literal sense..they were in fact kissing each other "passionately" on the necks) on campus. But the day I peaked in the lounge room was even worse. I saw a girl actually LAYING on top of another girl! (They were with a group of other girls also sitting around on the sofas. The two guilty girls were fully clothed but it was still pretty sick to see).
The final for that day which was less than the first two but still not something I expected to see - especially not on campus - a SUV with two girls hanging on to the sides as the SUV sped down the road..
I have absolutely no doubt that the world is coming to an end....
The next morning as I walked to the bus my eyes were graced by a cat's tail - which was about 5 or 6 inches long- just laying on the floor. I considered taking a pic of it for you guys but I wouldn't wanna be flagged for such graphic depictions of "violence" on my blog.. I do wonder how that tail got detached from its owner though. It's been there in the same place for 3 days now. I see it every morning on my way to the bus.
That was the sights of this week (rather the major ones that burned themselves in my memory).. Study wise it was also pretty crazy. Some how the professors for Islamic Culture and Language Developement (hardcore British English grammar) both decided that today was the day that they definitely had to have their exams. Speech Comm exam was supposed to be on Tuesday but the Doc canceled cuz he had to invigilate another class' exam. In the end that meant Speech Comm exams fell on the next Speech Comm day - THURSDAY. So Tuesday evening was when it finally set into my thick head that I would have 3 exams come Thursday.
Couldn't make up my mind which exam I was dreading the most but Speech Comm and Language Dev were definitely in close competition. It was crazy.. one day - Wednesday- to study / prepare for 3 exams plus the weekly quiz we have in Lang. Prac.. (Even though my presentation for Speech Comm was ok and ready on Tuesday I wasn't happy with it and there was alot of room for improvement..) I had classes on Wednesday and got home at 2. Relaxed a bit and studied before I had to go to the club for tennis. Team practice and the coach was already moody with me for missing 2 days in a row (The first time I didn't feel like going and roasting in the sun cuz it was in the afternoon instead of early morning or evening. The second time I was legitimately sick and there was no way I could have gone). I carried my books got there 2 hours early (had to take my sis for skating practice) studied. practiced. studied some more till 10 pm and then finally left the club came home and studied some more till I fell asleep on my sofa with my laptop on my lap.
Before I left this morning I downloaded a few anime and J-Drama pics to add to my presentation. I studied some more in the bus. Opted to skip breakfast and cram in a couple of minutes more studying and do some last minute touchups on my slideshow. My classmate came and forced me to have something so I had one of my fave drinks (Chocolate Caramel latte thingie.. excellent source of caffeine) and a part of cheese manakish. By the time I looked at the clock again it was 5 mins to 9. No more time, islamic cul. is all the way on the other side of the campus in relation to the cafeteria I was sitting in.
Islamic wasn't that bad.. I think I might have studied enough - "might have". Next it was off to the quiz. Praise the Lord it was easy. The teacher pissed me off though. She asked a question and the answer was a word that meant to give us the wrong info when we are looking for a correct answer. She said it begins with a "M". I thought and thought and thought and the girls gave her all kinds of wrong answers. Finally I called out "misleads us to the answer" She frowned and said that none of us understood what she was trying to point out and that the answer was "Misguides".. took me a few minutes to realize that she had misunderstood what I had called out and thought I said "Ms. - leads us to the answer." (we call her Ms.). I swallowed it and decided better not to start problems over a simple misunderstanding. Lang. Prac. ended and it was off to Speech Comm exam (between each of these is only 10 mins which get used in transit to the next classroom) I was so dreading Speech Comm exam the most. I decided before I got there that I was so not going to be first. I needed time to collect myself. Thankfully when I got to the classroom one of my mates A.A.T was setting up her laptop and then she proceeded on and went first.
A.A.T is really shy and had said so in her intro presentation when we first started the course. She said lots of things in her intro speech about herself and how she feels about things. I so could relate with 95% of what she was saying I immediately took a liking to her though I was too shy myself to go and make friends with her. Anywayz, so she went first today and her speech was really good. Her presentation was of course informative (we were supposed to give informative speeches) her topic was Ice Swimming. The topic was ok and all and her presentation also looked ok but what really got me was how she presented. I could tell she was a bit nervous at the beginning (we have both done the same amount of speeches - 2 before today which made 3) but as she got into her presentation she got more and more confident and I guess that was the result of her ambition to do well. Some of my own nervousness started to melt away. If she can drum up that amount of confidence and present like that then so can I!
After A.A.T another girl went. I reviewed my flashcards (advice from the great one =P) and mentally went through my slides. The girl finished and I parted with my seat moving to the front to become the next victim..
Breath...breath. Cleared my throat (cuz last time I just started talking and ended up doing more squeaking than talking) and started with "Ohayo" (we have to start with something that would catch our audiences attention and we also have to greet them so I decided to kill two birds with one stone) I went through the mandatory brief overview of the presentation and then on to the introduction (I had placed pics of cartoons that aired here that they might have seen as kids) there were immediate gasps and suddenly the classroom was filled with nostalgic air - I had their full attention. At the beginning I kept thinking that A.A. did it and that if she could then so could I. Before I knew it, like Kath had said happens, I got really into my presentation so much so that I didn't have to look at my flashcards except for once - I actually enjoyed it. My mates also really enjoyed it. At the end of my last presentation I handed out brochure things that I had made. So one of the girls said she thought since the presentation was about anime that I'd hand out anime CDs, Lol. If I had thought about it I probably would have made some to hand out at the end.
Later one of my mates complimented me on my presentation. She said it was very good and she felt it was 'different' than the previous two presentations I gave. In the end I just needed confidence and a suitable topic I felt most comfortable with. My thanx to Kath for the topic idea, to BW for lending the manga books (visual aids get us extra points during presentations) and the biggest thanx to A.A.T.. I wish you guys all the best in ur studies - heck in everything =D
The last exam for today was Lang. Dev. I finished in about 30 mins and spent the remaining 30 revising my answers. Inshalla those answers were correct!
Gosh, it's only 11:40 PM but I'm already ready to crash.. Thank God it's THURSDAY!

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