Saturday, March 03, 2007


Here's the missing track from Nazeel Azami's tape:



little man said...


im very grateful..

PS- i got sad (and was shocked)when you said it was your last post but then at the end u said it was the last post this weekend!


thank you again and good luck with the studies

by the way is it an international university you are at? are most the students there emirati?

little man

El Hazard said...

Ur welcome.

I wrote that post like that with the intention of scaring my faithful readers =P
(I usually reserve such jokes to pull on my good friend but decided to see how u guys would react ;) )

Anybody can join my uni, it's non-co-ed except for the college of Fine Arts and the Med School. (and of course the exception of my arabic course)
As for the students I'd say about 70% are Emirati maybe even 80%.. There are quite a few syrians and palestinians mixed in as well. (there are other nationalities there besides those 3 but not that many,like I met one girl from argentina and another from Afghanistan. I think there are a few Aussies as well.)

Raz said...

Hi, i just came across your blog and it looks interesting.. especially since i just got back from dubai/sharjah after spending a month there... (visiting family)..

i found people to be all in there groups and stick together.. they dont integrate with foreigners much

if u dont mind me asking,so what are u studying and where are u from? u say most students are emirati.. i didnt know there were aussies studying in dubai! why is that? what do u mean when u say non co-ed?

Raz :)

El Hazard said...

Hi Raz,

Lol, there probably is no such word as "non co-ed" (I used it cuz I wasn't sure how to spell the right word for it) I think the correct word is segregated. What I mean is the male students have their own campus and the female students have their own campus and we don't usually study together unless for whatever reason they (the higher ups ie: Deans or coordinators) decide to make a course co-ed (coeducation were they have boys and girls together in a classroom).

There are quite a few Aussies studying here. Not so many at my uni though. I can safely say that one can find at least one person from every nationality in my uni (well just about ;) ).

As for myself, I'm American. They didn't have Psychology there in my uni so I decided to study English Language and Literature.

Nice to hear u find my blog interesting =) Thanx for passing.