Friday, February 02, 2007

Have a nice weekend

I think I am finallly starting to feel excited..or at least really beginning to enjoy university. In the end of Speech Comm. class (my last class of the day) the teacher said "Have a nice weekend" to us. It just so sounded like something a real uni teacher would say.
We finally had an intro class for the Language Practice course. I think I'm going to like that teacher alot. I suspect BW was feeling Speech Comm. wasn't enough for me so her prays were answered in the form of Lang. Prac. The teacher announced to us that she wasn't intending for us to do much writing and most of the class was going to be us speaking and reading. (Yes she said she is planning to have us stand in front of the class and speak) The reading part sounded interesting though. She said it would focus on getting our reading speed up - speed reading she called it. That would be great for moi considering I am a terribly slow reader. She said that speed reading includes comprehension so that even if we speed up in reading we won't be detracting from our comprehension. I heard that there were girls last year that improved in reading so much that they were reading 1,000 words per minute with excellent comprehension. The teacher said those were the girls that worked exceptionally hard and attaining that level was of course their reward.
Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday I only have three classes. I tried to add Intro to IT but it was full in the time (1:00 to 3:00) I wanted so I'll remain with 5 courses this semester.
I was so tired by the end of Speech Comm. fell asleep on the bus coming home. I ate lunch and went directly to sleep and just when I was deep in a glorious snooze I remembered the Fun Day Tennis Tournament was today. I had already cancelled out of team practice last Monday and if I cancelled out of FDTT as well Coach would be in one of her black moods again. I HATE when coach is moody. Dragged myself out of bed and went off to the club.
The wind was a killer. Throw the tennis ball up to serve and u find it moving away in the other direction before u make contact with the racket. Seemed that was only a prob in the first court. Despite the wind, I did better than last time. I placed 4th in the group I played in as opposed to being second to last. Coach actually said I did good and she looked pleased.
In the end the same lady who won last time won this time as well. I got to play her this time. Unlike my rival, this lady would be easy to beat if a. I could serve properly and b. drop shot at will.
Ah well. I have all of this month to practice before the next FDTT inshalla. For now I need to go find some breakfast so... Have a nice weekend =)


Bookworm said...

MABROOK on the FDTT!MashaAlla that's really good.

Wa7leeli, am so innocent, but you persist in pointing the finger at moi. Now, if this was a course of my concoction, students would have to stand on a platform, preferably in the middle of the campus and make up a song about themselves.


El Hazard said...

Allah yabarak feech =)

AWINA innocent... The only reason they didn't decide to go with ur evil plan of making the students get up on a platform is because they don't want our deaths on their hands. Can u imagine? Having a whole class of students sent to their deaths would stain the university's reputation for many years to come... I don't think they want that =P