Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Not feelin' it

The next day after getting the TOEFL results (Monday) I went back to the uni and paid the remaining balance of the tuition fees (well 7,000 of it anywayz.. I’m supposed to bring 3,000 sometime within 10 days.)

Once that was over the head lady of the Arts and Sciences department officially registered me in 5 courses. Islamic Culture, Language Development, Arabic I, Speech Communication and Language Practice.

It was already after 12 by the time I had finished in the registration building so I was told to attend the classes starting Tuesday.

I walked out of the registration building… That was it, I finished, I’m in… I AM INNNN.

Dammit why am I not feeling excited about this? I’ve been dreaming about the university for years and now it’s within my grasp and I’m feeling blank.. empty.

Monday afternoon my folks all ran off to Abu Dhabi ( I heard it was 3 hours from here the part of AD that they went to). Was feeling a bit nervous alone at night in the house. Took me a long time to fall asleep.

Praise the Lord I heard my mobile alarm go off and got up on time to get out of my house for the bus.

The first day went by like one of those dreams that you feel like you’ll wake up from any minute (usually when you are really enjoying yourself). I only had 3 classes. Islamic Culture, Language Practice and Speech Communication. Language Practice was cancelled yesterday because only 2 girls (including myself) showed up. The teacher said he would split the class before us and move 10 of those girls into our class because there are 28 of them.

Islamic Culture was ok. Doc was teaching us how to write a proper essay. Interesting. I like things having to do with writing.

Long break because the Lang. Prac. class was cancelled. Next was Speech Communication class. It was amusing. Its main focus is on making us effective speakers. I hope I don’t seriously die before the course is over… seems that course will be making a direct attack on my biggest handicap: Shyness……. I guess that’s a good thing though. I refuse to rule out suspicion on BW. I bet she prayed something like that would jump up and bite me!

May the Lord help me… the first assignment from that Speech Comm class is to prepare a paper about myself and then stand before the class of 16 girls and speak about yours truly. Troublesome.


Bookworm said...

Innocent I tell you, I'm Innocent!

I'm glad you like your courses, they seem interesting (specially that speech com class ::nod nod::)

InshaAlla you'll do great in your assignment. As weird as it sounds, practice infront of your mirror - visualizing helps.

Hm..I kinda know what you mean about not feeling the excitement. My excitement on finally getting a laptop was delayed, maybe this is the same thing?

Hope you have an amazing uni life. Bestest with everything.
Miss you!

El Hazard said...

Thanx =)

I still don't believe ur innocent though...

Speech comm Doc told us to practice in front of our mirrors or use our siblings as audience. That so isn't the same as getting in front of 19 girls (and I think we might have 2 others that have just been absent)and speaking about anything.

katheria said...

I hope uni goes well for you! :)

El Hazard said...

Thanx kath =)