Friday, February 09, 2007

Arabic 101

Last week during add and drop period I attended arabic class. I thought the teacher was a bit weird and all, popped us a test first lesson. Everything had to be written in arabic even our names. Fine. That wasn't so bad. I know how to write my name in arabic and how to follow directions in arabic. The questions on the test weren't that hard either. The result was clear; those who could read and write moved to the second level and those who didn't know even the alphabet went to first level (wahlaylhum). After we finished the tests the teacher told us to come back the following week (today) to find out the exact timings of our class since we were going to be split into two groups now. (Would have been brilliant of the dude to just tell us the timings then and there.. I could have added the Psychology course to my courses =C )
Anywayz, we get there today and find the classroom door locked. (I didn't think about it this time but that depressing room definitely deserves to be captured by the lens of my phone cam.) The boys were all crowded in front of the door. Another point I truly can't understand.
All of our classes are separate so why in the hell does the compulsory arabic course have to be co-ed???
Didn't think it was possible to hate a class other than math, guess I was wrong....
(I had written the above on the 5th and never got around to finishing and posting it from the drafts list)
I had hated the Arabic class for more than just the reason of the teacher being a weirdo and it being co-ed on the boys campus.
Firstly the class didn't feel like a class. The teacher wasn't teaching properly (not to mention he wouldn't use a word of english with us. He claimed he didn't know any english but then when he'd go over to the boys side of the room on the other side of the partition we'd hear him using some english.) and this one girl who happens to speak and understand arabic (not sure why she's in our class.. She's definitely arab and if she understands AND speaks then she should be in the Arabic I class for Arabs.) is the most disgusting flirt I've ever seen with my two eyes. The teacher had her translating for us and the boys. That first day she had on these really really revealing jeans and a way tight shirt that read: "Delicious" across the front. When the boys finally found their voices again they wouldn't shut up. There were all sorts of unnecessary questions from them to her. They just wanted to hear her speak to them. In the end it broke down into personal questions and flat out flirting. She giggled, smiled and posed for them. More than once they asked was she the teacher's assistant.
That was pretty disgusting watching - believe me- and in the end she promised any of them help with anything they needed. She said they could meet in the hall or whatever.... O_o.
"What the hell just happened?" I asked my friend who looked equally disgusted. I couldn't imagine every class for the rest of the semester being the stage for this reality flirt show they had going.
That was all on Monday. The following Wednesday was the same: Teacher monologue-ing as we sat through episode 2 of the Flirt Show - only this time it was quickly moving from its original "Mature Audience" rating to an "X" rating. That girl was wearing even tighter jeans (didn't think that was possible before I saw it) and a shirt that when she just turned her head to listen to someone it rode up nearly to her chest ( The shirt had a belt over it and whenever the shirt would ride up the belt would prevent her shirt from going back down on its own. She hardly bothered to pull it back down either.)
After wasting about a half hour the teacher announced that the class had to be split into equal numbers and the second class would have to come from 2:00 - 3:15. I really didn't want that time because on Monday and Wednesdays I only have two classes. The first one is from 9:30 - 10:50, then I have arabic so what on earth was I supposed to do from 10:50 till 2:00?? 3 hours of just waiting around. He said we didn't have to take the course and that no one was forcing us so if we wanted to drop it we were more than welcomed. With that he kicked all of the people to be in the 2:00 session out.
I was pissed. Now is when he tells us we could run along and drop the course if we wanted. For that I could have taken Psychology or Sociology! Of course it is possible to drop the course now and remain with whatever course we have left for the rest of the semester but since it's not add and drop period anymore we can't add anything. I only have 5 courses which means exactly 15 credit hours. If I dropped any of the courses I'd be below 15 credits for this semester and that would mean no chance of getting on the college plaque (It's this gold plated board they have on the wall in the main hall of each college where they place the students names - engraved in smaller gold plates- when they achieve an average between 3.6 and 4.0 in each of their courses for the academic year.) Yeah, it probably sounds a bit silly to be aiming for something like that but I'm the type that just wants to see if I can do it. So I really need to keep all of my courses this semester.

That day I was seriously contemplating just skipping that class. I'd start going from Monday. 3 hours was enough for me to think things over and be rational though. Having had seen the guy's teaching style (super-fast) it wouldn't have been wise to miss out on a whole lesson - might end up effecting the whole semester if I missed something important.
So I went. In the end I was really glad. Surprisingly I actually enjoyed it. The teacher's mood was completely changed (maybe he was stressed earlier because we were giving him beef about the timings change) his teaching slowed down and seemed more organized and the biggest surprise was the Flirt Show star put herself in the morning class so now that meant the rest of us afternoon comers would be able to study in peace without having to see such disturbing displays of stupidity.


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OMG! If I had thought of that title "Miss Delicious" in class that day I would have puked.. I am 99.999% the boys had that on their minds....