Monday, February 05, 2007

The Cute, The Furry and The Intensely Adorable

I decided to share a couple of really cute animal pics I have (strictly for Kath's viewing pleasure - though the rest of u guys can feel free to melt ur eyes staring at such beauty... Subhan Allah alKhalaq.)

This guy reminds me of a kitten version of my beloved Bu6i... I miss him!

I had a bunny (lol thanx to a certain person for correcting me on my calling it a 'baby rabbit') that looked like this one only he had splashes of black on him. I had named him Saloom.


Some one obviously had too much time on their hands, lol.

Poor sleepy head...

A hamster.....?

Looks he bites =P

Kawaii =)


Sharing is caring ;)

It's a comment...

Another mouse I think.. But even I can admit he is SUPER CUTE!


"Don't make me get off of this rock and slap u guys!"

"Oh snap, he's going to get off that rock for them.. this I gotta see!"

Priceless pic ^_^


katheria said...

*eyes turn into hearts*

thank you!

El Hazard said...

You're most welcomed ;)