Friday, February 09, 2007

Nazeel Azami

I don't usually like English nasheeds. (I mean sung by non-arabs... I know that sounds way messed up but I'm being purely honest.) I discovered Nazeel Azami on 3wam when I went to check if there were any new nasheeds up for download. His tape Dunya is on 3wam's site. I downloaded all the tracks and uploaded most of them to my 4shared account to share with u guys... Mashallah alayi I am so nice to u guys =P hohohoho
(From 4shared u guys can listen without having to download.)
Heart to Heart (my favorite)
Ishara (Interesting the guy sings it in Bengali - his language)
That's all I got a chance to upload. Will upload some more tracks later on Inshallah.


Edward Ott said...

fantastic thanks for the links to the nasheeds.

El Hazard said...

ur welcome.

Bookworm said...

'Bismillah, MashaAlla 3leech' :P

Hm, sounds weird bout likin english nasheeds sung by Arabs. But I guess whatever rocks yer boat. No one tops Zain Bikha on me list, but I'll give this guy a shot.

(and yezach Allah 5eer)

El Hazard said...

Nazeel kinda sounds like a cross between Zain and Sami Yousef...

Of course that's just my opinion =P

Anonymous said...

PLEASE PLEASE post the rest of the tracks.. really would like to hear it

thank you for all your interesting stories at uni.. its fun and lets me know what to expexct when i go!

little man

El Hazard said...

I'll try to post the rest of Nazeel's tracks this weekend.