Monday, January 01, 2007

That feeling...

Haven't felt this way in a while.. irritation, depression, anger. A mixture of all three and more. Most definitely more, there's things bothering me that don't exactly fit into any of those 3 catergories. Take wanting to play tennis. Doesn't exactly fit under any of those headings - although maybe it's partly why I feel irritated.
I am glad haj is winding down (I think I have just about given myself an ulcer from worry) inshalla what remains of it will be uneventful and they'll ("she'll" but can't very well only wish for her safe return...well I can but you guys get what I mean.) return back safely. Lol Gulf News and the online Saudi papers will be happy. They were probably alarmed over the sudden increase in bandwidth being taken up by my multiple visits every few minutes since haj started.
I seriously can't believe my own stupidity! I've been trying since when to get to uni and then I get so close as to fill the application and all only to find out I need 1 short of a million stamps from multiple places back in the States. I go through the trouble of finding out what the hell I have to do to get those stamps. Lucky for me it only needed a big enough chunk of money and my school back in the States would do everything for me - I just had to send back the Diploma.
LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY! HA HA -not. I am a DAMN BAKA. Somehow I managed to totally forget about the whole thing and now it's already the 1st and the deadline to hand in all the necessary docs for the application to be accepted was the 30th (technically the 28th of Dec.). I might have been able to pull this off if I were able to get an official grant for more time (diploma procedure is going to take a month and a half from the time my school actually gets it). I guess I should just say sayanara to the idea of getting into the uni this semester as well =C
All of the above are sources of irritation but the biggest source of course orginates from the source of all things evil... if u guessed MPS kudos to u. It irritates me to the point of severe anger that those pretenders could get away with all that they have been getting away with. It's not right. If there is one thing I can't stand it's a pretender - even more so a successful pretender (successful in their pretending). Mother Supreme would be really screwed if I quit now with the exams coming up. Ha ha if she only knew what I have planned for her and the rest of the pretenders over there she'd rather all her staff walk out on her in the middle of an exam. This month we only have to go back for 2 weeks from the 7th till the 18th for exams- it's the owner's worst nightmare. The fact that he has to pay a full month's pay to the teachers and they haven't worked a full month just kills him. (Guy has an overly protective unhealthy obsession with his money. No joke.) I'd love to see the look on his face when he finds out that one of the teachers he had to pay a month's pay for only 2 weeks' work skipped out on him... priceless :: evil grin::
That aside, I've yet to get Khadija's (that teacher from hell) last name. Her last name is definitely crucial to the surprise I'm preparing them (any of you who know me well know my 'surprises' are always well tailored to the recipient ::very evil grin:::.) I think I could handle that place for 2 weeks more..
On another note, I almost have enough funds for my project. Sheesh this project better come out good and worthy of the headache it's been giving me!
I need sleep so I'll shut up for now...

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