Sunday, December 31, 2006


عيدية إنشادكم و ما أحــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــلى
I thought mine eyes had surely decieved me when I logged onto and found the '3eediya' they presented to the visitors/members. O_O. They put the whole of Mehrajan Kuwait 7 up for download (everything except for Bukhatir bas ma3alyhum it's enough they put everything else - wa bil eqaa3 ba3d!)
I am going to upload a couple onto a file sharing site so my dear readers can share in this unexpected pleasure;) 4shared is great for this sorta thing. I just upload and u guys can listen without having to download a thing ^_^
For any who want to download here's the link to
El Hazard recommends:
أخت الرجـــــال - Hamad Al Jabiri
إنما أنت أنا - Osama Al Safi- sama ^_^ (sounds like a Latino beat)
تخيــــــــل - AbdalGader Gawza3 (they messed up and mislabeled Al Jabiri's song Ne9aye7 as Gawza3's Tkhayel. so for Tkhayel u have to download the file that is labeled Ne9aye7 by Al Jabiri)
Those three were amazing in their ibda3 ^_^

Arigatou Guzaimasu!


Katheria said...

جزاك الله خير

I enjoyed listening to them. I could be wrong, but I definately think I hear music in this inshad. Thanks for sharing!

El Hazard said...

Ur very welcomed ;)

No worries..Gulf Media (the company responsible for that mehrajan) say they use computer-enhanced voice and duff for the stuff that sounds like music in the background. There was a demo where they gave samples of how that is done at the end of the tape "Bait Al Qaseed"

Anonymous said...

Asma said:

thank y'all for everything, but i would really like it if someone told me how to find Haman Al Jabri's website or page with all his nasheeds in them.
Thanks a bunch;>

Asma said...

hey! did i just sign in as anonymous?!

El Hazard said...

Sign up on that forum and ask. If he has a website then someone on there will definitely know it ;)

Asma said...

Thanks a million... that site really helped!;D