Monday, January 01, 2007


Lol, this has to be the funniest anime I have watched since Ouran High School Host Club. The four boys; Kyohei, Ranmaru, Takenaga, and Yuki remind me of the host club members - a little. Though Kyohei and Yuki don't seem to care too much for girls running after them.

The name of this anime is called: Yamato Nadeshiko Henge. It's about four boys who move into a mansion (don't ask why the hell it had to be a mansion). The land lady of the mansion has a niece whom she wants to become a perfect 'lady'. It is arranged for the niece to live with the four and they are given that job of turning her into the perfect lady. In return the land lady promises to make their rent free if they succeed in turning her niece into a perfect lady. The boys had no idea what they were getting into until they meet the niece. Turns out the niece is totally into being a loner and shutting herself away in her *dark* room with three creepy mannequins and loads of horror movies. The girl herself supposedly has resemblance to the girl from "The Ring" (I wouldn't know cuz I so don't watch scary sheemot like that..)

The animation sucks but the story is pretty good. I was laughing throughout most of the episodes. Goth-Goth-Loli-Loli!


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Bookworm said... it really on par with Ouran Host Club?
If it is, then prepare to be hijacked.