Tuesday, January 23, 2007

School of Wax Sequel (things I forgot to mention)

I can’t believe I posted that long *** post and totally forgot to write about some really interesting things – all of which happened during exam time. The most interesting being one morning when I walked in (I had begun getting to work at 6:30 am surprisingly there were usually ppl that still beat me there- workaholics..) and found the place basically deserted. Even the math coordinator wasn’t in her office. I decided to stroll down the corridor and see what it felt like to be the only one breathing in the air in the hallway. I was halfway down when I saw a tall figure suddenly step out of one of the classrooms. In the same instant that I got living hell scared outta me I realized it was that psycho grade 2 teacher Khadija. I think she might have gotten a bit startled as well. I heard her open her mouth and in that split second before she spoke the thought: “She is definitely going to yell at me.” Ran through my mind. She instead gave me a proper greeting. It was like OMGWT….?!?! I mean honestly the lady never looks in my direction much less talk to me even when I do greet her in the halls so now why on earth after all these weeks did she finally decide to acknowledge my existence? I sat in the math coordinator’s office trying to figure that one out and came up with the answer that it must have been an attempt to hide the fact that she had all bloody hell scared out of her by my mere walking. I nodded to myself in the office and decided that that was it.

Later that day during a free moment as I lounged in the MC’s office I mentioned it to her and she said something weird was going on with that lady that day. She then told me she had overheard bits of Khadija’s conversation with someone and it sounded as if Khadija was in some sorta trouble with the ministry. Wow I thought, that would be NICE. Wasn’t till days later when the MC was absent that I overhead Khadija getting loud in the hallway. She was clearly upset (angry). She was saying how she didn’t understand how _________ could have reported her to the ministry. She hadn’t done anything wrong and she didn’t deserve that. (like hell u did. Hahaha u SO deserved that and had I known who was the one who did it – I couldn’t hear the name of the person she named- I would have gone out of my way to thank that good person.) It was about the best thing I had heard all week until the day I sat in the control room grading my papers.

The day I was grading the science exams (most days I was in there I was usually accompanied by MS who would be propped up in there with her infamous coke and chocolate bar going through the exams with one of her brats hanging off of her questioning every mark on the exam papers – which is totally against the rules cuz no kids are supposed to be allowed in the control room whether they are brats of the staff or not) MS was also in the control room. She was sitting cattycorner to me. Unnatural dead silence between us, I sure wasn’t about to start small talking with that creature and I assume she felt the same. The KG 2 teacher pops in and starts exercising her mouth. Crafty one. She didn’t think I was paying too much attention I guess. At first she was just warming up. Next thing I knew she was talking about this KG parent that came in and had words with her. She was telling MS how this lady had complained that the school seems to be in really bad shape and that it seemed better last year. She complained about the books (which really are basically mass produced disgustingly put together photocopies of the one book that that tight fisted monkey of an owner actually bought.) The KG teacher went on and on until finally she got to the words from that parent that made my ears pop off and dance. That lady told the KG teacher that she thinks also the administration is the problem and she feels that they aren’t “honest”… JACKPOT!!!!!

KUDOS to the first MPS parent to break free of that cursed spell possessing the minds of all who put their kids in that school. I could barely pretend to be marking exam papers. I stole a glance at her highness. She looked annoyed. She answered something to the affect of “Well yeah unfortunately there are ppl who think that way without being able to give any proofs.” She added some other words to her weak defense (they were so lame I forgot what they were) and in the end there was an exchange between master and loyal servant (unspoken of course sent via invisible waves) sorta like nod of the head u’ve done well type thing with servant drinking it up. It was like dang! I was told the KG teacher was an informer but I had no idea it was like that. So yes MPS is slowly melting like the cheap wax that it is. YEEEEEHAWW!


Bookworm said...


Hey, did it ever occur to you that someone from the ministry's been reading your blog? O.o

El Hazard said...

Lol, with blogs u never know "WHO" is reading it so u can say yeah I guess I have been hoping someone in the ministry has been wasting their time reading the sheemot I type ;)

Hope they bag Beverly aka Um Khadija (MS) and Dr. Malood (LG) next!

Ameen Ya Rab.

Derica said...

People should read this.

El Hazard said...

Yeah they should, and if they have kids in there they SHOULD take them out asap.