Thursday, January 25, 2007

Entering the Uni: Pt I (Hope)

I am positive ¼ and a little more of my foul mood 2 weeks back was from the stress of being associated with the likes of MPS. Another huge source contributing to my mood was the fact that the official registration period for registering in the University of Sharjah was over on the 28th of December. I was supposed to have mailed off my Diploma and gotten it stamped by a zillion and one different departments back there in the states. I could have probably pulled it off if it weren’t for Christmas and New Years holidays. Fedex would have made good business.

I was waiting for the holidays to be over so I could send my diploma without having to worry that it might get lost amongst the piles of papers on someone’s desk till they got back from holidaying. Holidays past and with them the memo that I was supposed to be mailing off that diploma. Didn’t realize how much time had actually gone by till the middle of the second week of this month. Sheemota, that would mean waiting out another whole semester and possibly even having to wait till the fall semester to join! The big black cloud residing over me head got bigger and blacker. I decided no matter what I wasn’t continuing the insanity in MPS, back-up job or not, going to uni or not, I so wasn’t doing MPS.

It was during exam week at MPS one day as I sat with the Math Coordinator. She was going on about MPS and how she wants a school of her own and how she’d run it properly. Then she added she didn’t want a school but a nursery. I was half listening till that part. I couldn’t help but laugh. It felt good to laugh at something legitimately funny other than my own sorry keister. I asked her why the heck she’d wanna open a nursery of all things?! I mean sure little kids are cute (KG level) but being responsible for the small babies toddlers thing.. no. I don’t mean the changing diapers, feeding them, or hearing them cry part. I mean like when things happen that is beyond ur control but still u end up being blamed for like when babies just decide to die. One day a seemingly healthy kid gets dropped off at ur nursery and next thing you know the kid just up and dies for no apparent reason – choked on it’s own saliva. MC gave me a look. She told me to just shut up. The look on her face was priceless and I couldn’t help but laugh. She said I had a wild imagination and I told her it wasn’t my fault. I remembered reading in the Gulf News about this nursery that went down in scandal after some healthy kid was brought there and ended up choking and dying somehow. She didn’t believe me at first and asked where it was. After I told her I recalled the nursery being in Ras Al Khaimah she was like: Oh that’s why, all kinds of bad things happen in RAK this is sharjah.

Ouch! Bad things can happen anywhere no matter if the place has a rep for it or not. As the saying goes there is always a first time for everything.

MC went on to say how she had always dreamed about opening her own nursery/daycare center and how she’s done all the homework and research on it. She was feeling badly about just sitting around and always wishing for things and not taking the steps to make those things reality. She said she believes that if there is anything a person wants they aren’t going to get it if they don’t at least try. Not try but TRY. Give it all ya got fight till the end try. (that’s when I felt “it” snap – realization)

OMG, what have I been doing all this time??! Little voice inside my head: Uh, sitting on ur rear end building magnificent palaces in the clouds. -Shut up inner!

The next day as I was being driven to hell on earth going by the name of MPS and having to hear about the triple zillion and one things mother was claiming to have to do that day (being her daughter and all I know by now that she always makes this way long to do list to make it sound like she’s being productive and junk but in reality 2 or 3 of those things get done before she goes home and A. takes a nap B. watches lame-o anime or sometimes C. gets with a book. – the day I was pissy late for work was because she had stayed up all night reading a book and then was late getting up.) I interrupted her long and ongoing commentary on her to do list for the day and asked her to go to the uni and ask the administration head guy if it was possible to bring the stamped diploma later and still be admitted to the uni. I got a look. Then the commentary turned to lecture about consideration blah blah blah and how she doesn’t have time. The secret to success here is to remain silent. She knows as well as you know she never does a quarter of that stuff on the to do list anyways and I guess in the end she didn’t wanna hear my mouth after I got the info from my younger sis that she went home and napped instead of doing that small favor.

When she picked me up that afternoon she was really in a foul mood. So was MS. Dammit they have some things in common. I noticed that there was a curious looking green folder with a yellow sticky paper w/ someone’s name and number on it on my seat as I got in the car. Wait a sec.. It was a university folder! That mother :: shaking my head:: I looked over at her and she was frowning like the end of the world had come. Thanx I muttered. (no sense displaying pleasure when she’s moody.) I decided to risk a lecture to ask and find out what the guy had said. She answered that the guy had said fine and that I had 48 hours to submit all my papers. That included the physical test.


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