Sunday, November 19, 2006

This sux...

This really really SUX! Whenever I have a moment or a couple of hours to kill I usually spend them on the net.
Of course being such an 'organized' individual, even my net surfing is systematically approached. First thing I do after logging on to the net (if I'm not already connected) is to open my msn messenger. Then immediately to my inbox. From my inbox straight to BW's blog. From her blog to the list of blog links on her page. From there to some of my other favorite blogs. From those blogs straight to mininova (LOL might be something interesting waiting to be downloaded).
Then if I have the time on my hands I start the second half of my net surfing routine.. From mininova I go to Gulf News (yeah I know that sounds super nerdy but I've always loved reading the news!). GN never satisfies my news cravings so I always go to yahoo directly after. That's when I remember I have a neglected yahoo mail account. So I check my yahoo mail and read the news over there before going back to Hotmail to check my 'other' account.
That process can be repeated anywhere from 2- 6 times in one sitting.....
ALAS! El Hazard can do that no more T_T .......This is like the next worst thing after armaggedon...actually even armaggedon ain't so bad in comparison....
Darn virus protection center on the royal Lt has expired. I've been quietly dreading this day... Never expected it to hit this bad though. Can't download anything cuz torrents are prime suspects of carrying nasty viruses. A body must stay clear of such danger zones when without proper protection. The torture though! I cut down on lots of my fave net places, down to the bare necessities: my msnger, my email, BW's blog, her cousin's blog, BAS-Khalas- that is so it! I probably shouldn't even be blogging *nod nod*. Never know what viruses might have.
::Groans:: Such misery one must endure!

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