Sunday, November 19, 2006

Killer Veggies!

Cucumbers, carrots and broccoli (way down at the bottom under the cuke and carrot pieces). Imagine I actually *was* going to eat that. Me who doesn't like veggies aslan. I had orginally intended to cut the decoratively and arrange them nicely on a plate, midway I lost the desire and threw them into that container.. Lol, needless to say I only ate 3 carrot pieces, a broccoli piece and a few cukes before I came to my normal senses and gave the whole thing to my sis (health food freak) who gladly accepted it with hearts in her eyes (for the veggies already cut up with dip - not for me =P ). My stomach hurt afterwards. I think it's best I stick to artificial veggies (vitamin pills).

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