Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mada mada dane

*nod nod* That suits today - rather what I feel about tonight perfectly. Tonight was the night of the tennis tournament. I'll spare u guys the suspense and just up front tell ya..: El Hazard got her (...) handed to her on a platter. Yup, I played 5 games. Each game was settled by the best of 3 (meaning if one of us had won 2 games in a match then that person with 2 games won and that win was given to the coach to record). I lost 2-1, 2-0, and 2-0. I won 2-1 and 2-0. (All together, if that seems confusing, I lost 3 games and won 2.)
One of those losses was handed to me by me and BW's new groupmate's mom. I had no idea that she was the girl's mom till she gave me a general comment about how I play. First when we were doing the grouping to see who played against who, when she found out I was in the same group as her I heard her say 'good'. I wondered about that but said nothing. Figured maybe she was just feeling enthusiastic or something. Then as we were walking to the other court to begin our matches she was like, where is the other girl? I asked what other girl? she replied the girl that plays with me and Ang (new groupmate) I had to think about that.. after a bit I finally realized who she was talking about. I was like "Ooooh!"
Then after our match she was complimenting me on my play (I noticed the winners of the matches tonight were heavy with the compliments upon the ones they beat..hmm) and she said something about what I usually do or whatever, I was like O_o, ok now this lady is freaking me... So I asked her who was she. The look on her face in reply was one of pure surprise. She said I'm ur groupmate's mom. (here El Hazard's mouth dropped while she did a double take.. Oh hell, it's one thing to be beaten but handed ur rear on a platter by a mother!!!)
All in all it was fun. I don't feel badly that I lost, on the contrary I feel this was a growing/learning experience and of course I'm simply not there yet- as the phrase :"mada mada dane" means.
Coach and the sports manager thought it'd be a good idea to make tournaments a regular thing. That would be great. She says the next one is going to be in mid-January after she comes back from vacation. I'm looking forward to it.
The weather was really really REALLY great tonight, I wished Senpai was there to see/ feel it. It looked as if it would rain and the sea just seemed to call out and encourage the sky to open up and let loose with a righteous shower. The shower bit never came but the weather remained excellent.
Well the Playstation has arrived with millions of games ::evil grin:: I have the whole weekend to have a game-a-thon on it!


Bookworm said...

Congrats! =D
Glad you had fun

Yeah, the weather was great that day. I was sitting inside and noticed how dark it had become (was only 3.30 pm). I was thinking that it seemed like Ramadan weather.

El Hazard said...

arigatou guzaimasu.