Wednesday, November 22, 2006

It is SO on!

I think I've stumbled upon a tennis rival today...

Weeks ago I had warmed up with her. Warm-ups can't be considered playing though. Only a few shots hit back and forth, neither of us really putting anything into it. Then I played her in the tournament last week (?). I had no idea she was that good. She handed me a clean 2 games to 0 loss. I wasn't upset about losing any of the games at the tournament and later I decided that I must not have put enough effort into it. That was that.
Today though, that same girl was in me and BW's group for the tennis lesson today. At the end of the lesson we usually play a few games. We play them by the best of 3 games and the winner stays on the court to play the next person. (!!!!!...... It just dawned on me that BW beat her! Damn, now I feel like sheemot for not watching their game. I was on the phone the whole time =( ) Anywayz, I played that girl after I played with BW. That was when it hit me. This insane inner voice was screaming my brains out and I can honestly say for the first time I've actually felt what it feels like to be competitive. (I love to play sports and games and the only game I've ever felt competitive about was a playstation game my sis always beats me in - I don't think that counts though. Other than that, it really doesn't matter to me if I win or lose - unless of course I'm playing on a team and my loss would mean the team loses as well.)
As I got ready to receive her serve I made up my mind that I'd redeem myself from losing shamefully to her during the tournament. The first serve turned into a pretty good and long rally which ended in me getting the first point. Satisfaction. Ok, I decided, I'll go all out for this one. Give it my all. This is for the tournament!
In the end, I was dead tired and after giving it my all - which still wasn't enough (mada mada dane!) I lost. 2-1. She's good, mashalla. Really good, mashalla. I'm glad though. Kinda fun knowing that there is someone that u can't beat even if give them ur all.
After the lesson, I jokingly told her I'd beat her next time. She appeared to be looking forward to it. Maybe she found it amusing that I should say such a thing. "Ha ha, you've got some work to do if u want to catch up and have a chance of beating moi in the near future."
I'm looking forward to the next time ^_^


Bookworm said...

LOL. Of course I did NOT beat her. I suck at tennis, big time.

El Hazard said...

U really didn't beat her.....?

Bookworm said...

If you didn't beat her, then how could I?!
No, Elhazard, I did not beat her.

El Hazard said...

Well it's not like that would be outside the realm of possible.. U r pretty skilled mashalla and I see ya getting better each time we go ;P

I won't be surprised if u r the first to beat her ;)

Anonymous said...

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