Friday, November 24, 2006

Al Mansoori

Finally! A new album by one of my favorite munshids, Ahmad Al Mansoori - albeit a wedding tape.
He was at BW's university that night they had an event there back in Ramadan. Unfortunately he didn't sing anything. He sat behind the stage off to the side and worked the background sounds thingy.
There's seriously been a drought in new albums. I wonder if that means everyone was working on something new? I know that there's supposed to be a new Rajaee tape out soon (#4). Mishary Al 3arada is supposedly making something (I'm not too crazy about him but anything is better than nothing!).
I've seriously fallen in love with 2 songs sung by Sama Al Enshad contestants. Omar Al Haji's rendition of "Fara7na bel nabi" and Muhammad Meaqiel's rendition of "Te3abna".
I wonder how long it will take them to put Mehrajan Kuwait 7 on tape/CD....

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