Saturday, November 04, 2006


When I remember, and when I'm not late (80% of the time I am in fact late and much to my chagrin it's slowly becoming my trademark..ugh!) I do try to make an eXtReMeLy 'concentrated' effort not to speed.
I actually went through the trouble of analyzing myself to see what actually helps me not to speed. Among those things were:
  • a good tape (preferably with a good beat...if not it must be Al Safi)
  • talking on my cell (carrying on a conversation with anybody of higher intelligence rank - only unfortunate problemo about that is when said intelligent person decides it's dangerous to talk and drive and order the conversation to be ended that very second! Hmph, and u know exactly who u are!)
  • THE Arabic teacher (my former arabic teacher from school, for some reason it was impossible to drive 'normal' with her in the car. Some hidden force possessed me whenever she stepped in the car and forced me to be eXtra 'muadthaba' (well behaved) )
  • Cappuccino or Karak (lol, either of those two hot are deadly when spilt in one's lap.. anything spilt on my abaya in general makes me go crazy, so yeah in the case of being in danger of spillage I slow down.)

That's what I can remember of the things I found that make me slow down, I'm sure there's other things though.

It was yesterday though that the irony of speeding smacked me right in the face. I was going to my friend's house in UAQ, its a city here not very far from Sharjah. One takes the highway to get there. Highway is basically one of those long straight ones with a few curves - it just invites speeding. Anyways at the beginning of the highway there was this altima infront of me. It refused to move (I didn't flash him or anything though). Even though he was infront of me he wasn't driving slow. After a bit I forgot about him. Next thing I knew he was way ahead of me and I was doing 140 (Meaning that guy was doing *at least* 180). 10 mins past and it happened that he was going the same way I was going cuz guess what? After 10mins of his super speeding (I didn't pass 140) I was still right behind his bumper like we had been at the beginning of the highway. It was really ironic. What was the point of speeding when we still ended up at the same place at the same time and it was so obvious that we weren't both doing the same speed??

That thought remained with me the rest of the day (until I realized it was 3:40 and the ice skating show that a certain person and my sis were supposed to be in was going to start at 4:00..then I flew.) and obviously decided to revisit me today, otherwise I wouldn't still be thinking about it and posting. Come to think of it, this should probably be on the other blog...

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