Saturday, November 04, 2006

Yalla ya 'Chabab', barakooli!

Today El Hazard actually went out into the world and "opened" a bank account - without the mother. Amazing the things a person is capable of doing when they stop depending on their mommy for everything. Ha, even she looked surprised that I managed without calling her.
Imagine, at my age I still don't have a signature I can produce properly everytime it's asked for. Lady was nice though. After pointing out that my sigs weren't the same she said print my name on top of it. So now my sig consists of two connected sqigglies and my name printed above it. I love it! I can definitely do that everytime inshalla.
I see blogger is trying to be muadthab for now, I'll take advantage and dig out the rest of the posts that were waiting to be posted.


Bookworm said...

Show me your signature - pronto! (please :P)
Let's see if I can..ahem..give it it's due of praise...

El Hazard said...

hahahaha. thanx. If I remember next time I see ya I'll show ya ;)