Friday, November 03, 2006


I used to say that I hated endings... That was until I saw Naruto. My God! It had an amazing start and was going on strong till the eps after 130 maybe even a bit further. After that came the filler plague. 10 filler eps in a row - 3adee. 15 filler eps - ok. 20 filler eps - ::yawn::. 30 filler eps - THAT'S IT, SOMEONE INFORM ME WHEN THE WRITERS COME BACK TO THEIR SENSES!!!
Most endings make me shed tears, though not necessarily because the ending was sad. Lots of times cuz it's the end. Between now and the end of Ramadan I've seen the conclusions of some really amazing anime. Blood+ was really good - if one could make it past the first ep. I think it was the combination of "the end" and how the last ep was written that made me spill.
Then there was the conclusion of Innocent Venus. I so didn't shed even half a tear. They threw in a severe plot twist..and I need not say I was not pleased. (notice how thoughtful I'm being not to spoil it for those of u who are watching it and those who "may" watch it later on =P ) Even with the plot twist the anime was still ok though. (I'd give it an 8 on a 1-10 scale).
My all time favorite, Honey and Clover (the second season, which is more appropriately refered to as H&C II, cuz I don't think they are going to make a 3rd season.) came to an end. It was only 12 eps but they did a good job bringing it to a close.
Another favorite, Ouran High School Host Club, also came to a close. I've yet to watch it.. I think I'm purposefully not watching it (avoiding it). I so don't want it to end. Funny thing is the whole show was like one big filler ep - lachin these guys knew how to make fillers enjoyable.
I downloaded an anime called, Ayakashi. It's supposed to be 'classical japanese horror'. Lol, some blood shed but I haven't seen anything truly horrifying yet and I'm already in the second story arc. I so loved the first story Yotsuya Kaidan. "That's so cruel Iemon-dono" (Serious LOL, that was a quote they kept repeating in the Yotsuya Kaidan. The guy's name looks like Lemon but it's actually pronounced "yemon".)
BW recommended another anime called, Full moon wo Sagashite. Very very cute. I love it, but feel really impatient to see what happens at the end- and of course BW isn't spilling! I think it has something like 52 eps.. That's a really long time I'll have to wait to see the conclusion. At least it's all already released. The last anime I watched that I felt this impatient to find out what happened was when I watched Monster. Now that was scary. But a good scary. I'll definitely have to rewatch it when I have some time inshalla.
I have a few posts sitting in the drafts, I'll go through them and see what's worth posting and what can just go to the trash...
BTW... this is post # 53, I shall soon start my countdown to 100.

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