Thursday, October 12, 2006

Why am I not surprised..

Thanx to BW I had a marvelous time last night. So marvelous that I wondered if it might be possible to stretch the smile that was cemented on my face through to the weekend. Ha ha, no such luck.
Yesterday was surprisingly good with a few small exceptions. (Namely when I lost my temper and was nearly late - as in missed Al Safi sing last night late - to get to the event at BW's university). School wasn't too bad, my boys didn't give me too much grief- even when I made the ones who had punishments serve their sentances, they served them quietly, no questions asked. (When they misbehave in class I take away their break. 1 day no break for minding other kid's business. 2 days for not having the proper text book out and open to the page after I have told them what book and what page. 1 week for poking a fellow classmate with any object, usually pencils. 2 weeks for repeated talking and disrupting the class. 1 month for really persistant devils that have already earned 2 weeks for disrupting the class. I gave one boy 3 months straight away for trying to choke the life out of his classmate. True the victim of the choking had been laughing at the offender after I sentenced him to 1 month for breaking another boy's pencil and throwing the pieces across the room hitting another kid in the process. But I was in the classroom and that was reason enough not to even attempt such a deed with me right there. The laughing boy who got choked was handed a 1 week sentence.)
Yesterday, I left an individual with the phone numbers to the university I am interested in attending and told her to find out what my diploma needs exactly to be recognized. She actually called (surprise surprise) and the head guy said I didn't need anything, not even to take the Toefl exam (which I had thought was necessary for anyone planning to attend university over here regardless of what their first language was/ is). He told her he wanted her to fax my transcript and diploma so he could have a look at them. I hadn't left those with her so that would have to wait for today. Was very pleased with that progress though.
I had thought that BW's university was really really far, like nearly an hour away from my house far. Somehow I managed to get there in a little over 20 mins, searching for the parking lot and parking time included. (We wont talk about how it was possible to get there in 20 mins) I was very happy I actually found the place and had time to pray and all before Al Safi sung. (there were other munshids -nasheed singers- there but as you guys probably guessed already Al Safi was the most important one IMO)
Today though....
I was beyond exhausted (This is when I remember I have medicine sitting on the table in my room, totally forgotten.)My knee was killing me. School was a "dog". My boys must have noted my tiredness and decided it was high time they performed. And performed they did. Got me fired up. Dumb thing to do. I was tired, not speechless. I handed out some pretty legendary sentences today. In class 3b1, One boy got 4 months, 3 boys got 3 months and a couple got 2 week sentences for not having there books open and to the right page after I had said what book and page 5 times already. My prince is in that class and even he nearly got a 2 week sentence. He must have noticed how tired I was cuz he announced to the class that I was fasting and that it was "haram" to make me talk so much. A few boys decided to behave. One hardhead wasn't happy until I gave him an indefinite break ban. They haven't started serving their break bans in 3b1 yet (I forgot to go get them on the days I didn't have them before break) so they don't realize I am seriously going to keep them for the duration of their sentences. Class 3b2 on the other hand realized today just how serious Ms. El Hazard is/ was. They served their terms today with much complaining and questions as to why they couldn't go to break. One boy announced that he'd die if he had to serve his full 2 month break. Said 60 days without a break would kill him. I replied that was a good thing (ha one less troublemaker in my class). Even the owners son was made to stay in today (it was his second day of his 2 month sentence). Kid only today realized that he has 2 months. Somehow he thought yesterday was a one day thing. ha ha. If those boys learned nothing else today, at least they learnt that from hence forth they will take my sentences seriously and behave in class - well during my periods with them at least. I happened to walk in during the math teacher's period with them and found them all on the carpet, shoes off, classroom a wreck playing some kind of pile up game. I stood in the doorway for a full minute giving them the "What is this? tell me so I can know?" stare. They saw me and started to dissolve back into their seats. Even the math teacher looked as if she wanted to dissolve into hiding. I mean hello? I'm supposed to be the "underqualified" teacher there and during my class those kids wouldn't even entertain such an idea much less carry it out while I'm standing there in the middle of class. I informed them that they had less than a min to straighten out that classroom and get their shoes on their feet otherwise the whole class would be serving a very long 3 months together. (and I assure you guys, break ban doesn't just mean they aren't going out to play. No break means that aside from not going out to break, they will be given 5 mins to eat and the rest of the glorious break time will be taken doing the filthiest classwork assignment I can think of. They hate putting columns of words into alphabetical order, so of course we usually do that.) Let me tell you guys, I never knew those lazy 3rd graders could clean and get in their seats so fast!
During my break between periods, the receptionist came to me with the bloody contract. She stood there while I took my time reading it and I finally asked her was she waiting for me to sign the darn thing or something. She said yeah to sign it right then and there and give it to her. I handed it back to her and said I'll take care of signing it after classes. (very business sounding looooooooool) She consented and left me in peace. Phew! I so wasn't signing that thing till somethings were straightened out.
After class on my way out the school I made a detour to LG's royal throne room. He had someone inside with him but immediately told me to sit. I prefer to stand - especially around individuals of his class. I didn't see the need to sit anywayz, I was only going to ask him about my check for September (here we are on the 12th of October already and he's been promising me all week that I'd get paid the next day). He insisted I sit. So after the person that was there left I conceded and sat. I had a feeling LG had some long prepared excuse as to why I wasn't getting paid again (which meant I'd get nothing over the weekend either and would have to wait till sunday- if even then).
I asked him was my check ready (the excuse for it being late last week was that they had spelt my name wrong and had to fix it..::blink blink::, 1. I never told them how to spell my name in the first place so they had nothing to check that up against to decide they needed to fix anything, 2. how long does it take to write another check with the correct name?) he said, and I quote: "Sister let me tell you what happened with the check.." Oh God, here it comes, an explantion so purely stupid that it literally reeks with LG's ignorance. He claimed the accountant (who he had been telling me all week was the one responsible for my check not being done. Claimed the accountant hadn't come in that day - same excuse every day this week) is now in Makka. ::mental command:: eyebrow u may rise, and don't worry to come down anytime soon. He then claimed the accountant is supposed to come back tomorrow (Friday). Firstly, let me just say that there is no damn accountant in that school - the accountant is that no good owner- and even if i didn't already know that, that school is so retarded when it comes to employees taking time off, even if they are on death's-doorstep-sick, that if an accountant were to be so unreliable and virtually never there (cuz they've been pulling that sheemot about the accountant not being there or unavailable since last year) they would have fired his sorry tail a long time ago! LG doesn't realize that I know that the accountant is like non-existant. (maybe I'll inform him about that on Monday when I decide to stroll in - I am so going to take care of my own business on Sunday and I couldn't care less if they get pissed about that or not!)
So after LG claimed I'd get paid on Friday I said fine I'll come in on Saturday to pick up the check. Uneasy smile shining off of his face. He tried to tell me no no, give the guy some time and I'd surely get paid Sunday. (That's what he told me last weekend only the excuse was that they forgot to make the check. He must pick up some sorta of ignorance waves off of me or something. I mean seriously it's just excuse after excuse.) I told him well if that were the case then I'll just wait till after I get my check before I do any signing of any contract. I got up. LG started protesting that the check and signing the contract have nothing to do with each other. Ha, they have lots to do with each other. If I sign that damn paper I am officially (well, before the Lord anywayz) required to fulfill it's terms, which include something that translates to no quitting or resigning till July. I sign that bloody contract and they are free to pay me whenever they feel like getting around to it. If they make me wait too long though, the only thing I'll be signing is a finished resignation letter. (I might finish it tonight in preparation...) So after I informed LG of my plan to sign whenever they get around to paying me (it's only fair that if I have to wait then they should wait as well) I said salam gave him the raised handed goodbye, japanese style as I proceeded to walk out. Lol. He stared in disbelief before calling me back. He was pissed now. Awina! He claimed he hadn't finished talking and told me I could go. I retorted that I ::had:: finished talking and said my salam therefore I had all right to leave. Wallah! awina I need LG to tell me when I can and can't go. I pray to the Lord that I'll never find myself married to anything close to LG's level of stupidity! I am not one for outright rudeness and since his highness was sure to claim I was rude if I continued out the door after he called me back I decided to stay. He looked really shocked when I told him that bit about saying salam and that i had nothing more to say. He swallowed it and moved back onto the contract. What didn't this animal understand about I wasn't signing that contract? I was exhausted and dizzy and badly wanted to be on my way home and here was this creature aggravating my wretched soul. Ok LG, you asked for it! So I started on him about why I was still getting "KG starting salary" as he called it when he hired me as a "KG teacher". (The guy is the perfect candidate, worthy of being someone's research subject for a psychology project.) He now claims he never said that. God, oh God. I had to hear him recount how gracious he's being and that he didn't do the same for the rest of the assistant teachers. ::mental command:: eyebrow you'll have to stay up there awhile longer, much longer most likely (if one counts the time an eyebrow must stay raised for the duration it takes the effect of such stupidity that has spilt out of some creature's lips to wear off.)
He claimed that technically since he is telling the ministry I am hired as an assistant teacher I should be getting assistant teacher salary. He said even though I am a teacher in the school and I'm recognized as a teacher by him and the rest of the ppl in that school that is not the case with the ministry. And I quote his exact words : "But I don't care about those guys in the ministry. I hired you as a teacher so you are a teacher here." Translation if u didn't get what this means : He can lie to the ministry and say I am hired as an assistant when in fact I am a teacher, because he couldn't careless about their rules.
::Blink blink:: LG? Do you have any idea what you just admitted to??? That's openly admitted proof that he lies and has no problem with it when it suits him!
He then lied and said that plenty of teachers started out with that same salary (which he had refered to before when he first hired me as KG starting salary). He said even my mom who worked in that school last year started with that same salary. Ever wonder what might happen if a person blinks too much in the space of a minute?
Needless to say LG was lying. He even had the nerve to continue on with his lie saying that this year all the teachers who came back got 'handsome' raises of a thousand dirhams. Maybe I should inform him that when the 'handsome raises' were announced, even though I hadn't been hired yet, I was in the school helping my friend decorate a board. The 'handsome raises' were only 500 dirhams not one thousand.. The guy is a chronic liar.
After what seemed like forever, LG finally did appear to have finished running his damn mouth. Maybe it was because by that time his wife was at the door with some other teacher and I guessed he didn't want that lady to hear any of those lies he was stringing together. Either way I was SAVED! I think he really did have lots more to say though but I saw my chance and knew he didn't want to make a scene, so I told him I'd give it thought and get back to him on the signing on Sunday -read between the lines LG: get back to you on the signing (( if )) my check is ready...
I finally left that place and was riding home with the individual I left to fax my papers. I asked were they faxed. I get "no" in reply. She had called me earlier in the school and asked about a fax cover sheet. I said I didn't have any already printed so she was going to have to print one off the computer. She claimed she didn't know where to print one from (she's printed fax cover sheets off the comp plenty of times.) She started asking for a specific cover sheet. I told her it was on the computer in the living room and anywayz she didn't need that specific one, any cover sheet would do. She said ok.
In the car though, when I asked her about it she tells me she couldn't do it cuz she didn't have a cover sheet. What the...? Did I not tell her where to get one from?? She claims she recalled the cover sheet (back to this cursed specific cover sheet) being on a disk and she had no idea where that disk might be. I just stare at her for a while. I could feel my temper boiling up. I had to clamp a chain on it to keep it from breaking loose. What I couldn't understand was why the heck she was so hell bent on that specific cover sheet. I told her it didn't matter what cover sheet she used as long as it said "Attention: Mr. whatever-his-name-was". She could have even used a blank sheet of printer paper and written that herself on the paper. It's not like this was a job or something that needed the utmost in formalities in order to make a good impression, it's only a university meaning they will probably look at my grades on that bloody transcript before they look at some cover sheet which will probably be left right there where it rolled out of the fax machine! I was angry. When this individual doesn't feel like doing something she never just says she doesn't feel like doing it, she just comes up with all these really stupid, baseless excuses as to why she can't do it. At times like that if one doesn't place everything in her hand or practically spell out every step in directions you can expect to end up doing it yourself. Somehow I managed not to explode, after all it was only a matter of going home and faxing the papers myself, right?
I'm glad tomorrow is the weekend. I usually waste the weekend sleeping until 3 sometimes 4 in the afternoon. This weekend will definitely be different though. (inshalla) I think I'll even give that filthy room of mine a good cleaning, haven't looked at it in weeks and if any of you guys were to see what it looked like at the moment you'd probably consider your eyes defiled for the remainder of your lives!
I'll have to work on my project as well. My time is running out!
I think I'll go take a shower now and then hunt down the nail cutter, cuz my nails are like "witch-long" at the moment... YUCKY!

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