Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Being Grateful

Lately I think I've been abusing my blog. Extra long posts with nothing more than one complaint after another. It's amazing my blog hasn't rebelled against such misuse in the holy month! The holy month is a time to be extra grateful for the things one has.
Sure, my brothers annoy me, LG is a creature beyond anyone's understanding, Coach Tennis is irritating and yet again a Ramadan is passing and I feel I haven't done enough. (To be exact I feel like I've done nothing!)
I should be grateful for my brothers, even if they are annoying at times. I'd die if I had four sisters instead...OMG that would mean I would have 7 sisters O_o. Ya Rabb! I am very grateful for my brothers...
The past few post have been abnormally long and full of complaints directly and indirectly involving LG. He's worthy of them and more, but I should shut up and stop chalba-ing about him and his crummy school. In the end I have a job, which I didn't have earlier and was complaining that if I had to spend all this free time on me hands until the spring semester of University, doing nothing constructive, I'd die. (Something about having nothing to do at all that just makes a person go crazy from the inside. It seems like wonderful freedom at first but after awhile one gets this feeling of worthlessness. They feel like they are the only one in the world that doesn't have a purpose.) There's plenty of people that don't have jobs and for whatever reason can't get one. They'd even look at a job as LG's personal secretary as a piece of heaven bestowed upon them. Uhhh.. Before anybody misunderstands me here, what I mean is they would be extra grateful not foaming at the mouth with complaints like yours truly!
As for that coach... you know what, no comment.
Ramadan, the holy month that only comes once a year. The month that is just that, a month that only has at the most 30 days. Absolutely no reason why a person shouldn't shift into serious mode and make good use of those 30 days. After all it is ONLY a month and it ONLY comes once a year. Knowing that one might not see the next Ramadan *should* be enough to get a person to perform in this holy month as if it were to be their last performance...instead I feel like I've basically wasted this month. Last year, even though I felt I had wasted it, I at least could say I accomplished alot of things, first on the list would be actually going to taraweeh/qiyaam more than just twice! No point feeling sorry about it and promising myself to do better next Ramadan. I can be grateful right now, that I've realized that until this point I've accomplished nothing and that the month isn't done yet. A few more days so isn't a month but it's better than realizing on Eed that I've done nothing and have nothing left of Ramadan. So from this moment till the end of Ramadan (and inshalla continue after Ramadan till the next), inshalla, I'll move my lazy soul and 'get with the program'.
If I counted all the things I should be being grateful for instead of complaining about other things, this post would probably be never ending, so for now I'll shut up and go do something holy in what remains of this month...

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