Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Director's fever

It's pretty ironic, the last film genre I'd ever choose to watch would be a horror flick and here I find myself itching to direct one!
It seems every where I turn I find the perfect horror back drop. Started one morning as I sat in the school musala. I had one of those clear file envelope thingies... wait I snapped pics..
There. Now doesn't that look like an evidence folder? If I weren't in school and had I had a packet of ketchup on hand I would have splattered a bit on the papers and a bit on the keys for maximum effect.
The second time I felt the now familar itch was in BW's university. OMG, especially the upstairs area where the staff had offices - so reminded me of Scream 2. The Scream Trilogy was the only horror flicks I actually enjoyed, albeit I was pretty unnerved after watching them and I wish I got to see the third!
I wonder if it's possible to join a media club in the university if I major in something other then media...


Bookworm said...

Ketchup can be very effective. You could also add small plastic packets labelled 'hair' and 'skin found under nails' in that suspicious folder.

El Hazard said...

lol, That bit about the hair and skin found under nails would probably gross even me out ;)