Monday, September 04, 2006


I'm reasonably pleased at the moment. Since 11 pm last night I've been fiddling with this audio mixer trying to chop, edit and mix tracks from the Naruto OST. It's for the "Naruto on Ice" show my sister and my friend will be performing.
Anywayz, for a while my sis hovered around waiting to see if I could actually get the thing working and to mix properly. After an hour of watching me get no where she offered to call one of her friends and ask if she knew how to do it. I declined - I'd get it, just give me some time. 20 mins later she questioned my ability again but this time added that I should leave it and she was 'sure' her friend could do it. Those were her last words before grabbing her covers and crashing on the couch.
That did it for me, I was so going to get this thingie working or I'd never live down the shame! Well, from 12 when she went to bed till now, I fiddled and tinkered and finally.....
God, I seriously wouldn't have been able to live down the shame had I let her call in her friend to take over where I was ignorant. My pride was at stake!
Anywayz now that I've figured that out, I have about a billion things to get with, that I had left while I was on the "Saving Private Pride" mission, before tomorrow. Sheesh I hope I'm not too exhausted to play tennis tomorrow night - ha ha awina!


Dragon said...

Way to go!

Bookworm said...

"You have much Knowledge"

I stand in awe of the master of computer lingo. You always help me out when I'm stuck >.< !