Thursday, August 31, 2006


I’m very much undecided… as to what I should do. One thing is perfectly clear though. This has to change and I’m going to make it change. I’m sitting here in the Ladies Club gym staring at the empty court and feeling quite displeased with myself. Sure I normally just shrug things like this off but this time I can’t and won’t.

Thing is after taking three weeks off and basically just sitting on my rear end for all that time it seems I have zero stamina. Something so normal and easy like going up a few steep stairs totally winds me. Before I distinctly remember being able to at least run around the court two laps at normal speed without stopping or feeling like my legs would drop off. Now, ha, one lap and I’m dying. It’s really really frustrating. The coach usually assigns two laps around the court after practice to cool down (for the life of me I can’t understand how that could possibly be considered a “cool down”) and on weekends, so she says, which really translates to mean whenever she’s feeling generous she assigns three laps. We (myself and two group mates) begin to run and she always without fail calls out an exemption from the assignment for me saying I can stop after the first lap if I feel tired and not to push myself. The first time it was like “Thanks Coach” , the second and third times ‘ok’ but now it’s like "God!".

Last time after a water break between practice and the cool down I managed a lap and 3/4s (she had assigned three laps). It was more than I’d done all month but I was still pissed. It wasn’t what she had assigned and please, a lap and 3/4s? What the hell is that?! Sure one should be grateful to the Lord that they can run around and play tennis at all but really since it’s not like I’m a handicapped person I can do better.

My God, the court is no longer empty. The volley ball team has arrived and have been going through their warm up. They’ve finished their laps. I didn’t count but I was surely impressed by it. There’s a late comer now, I’ll count her laps. She’s on her fourth already (mashallah 3layha). Fifth, no break... Sixth.. now she slowed down and finished her seventh lap in a normal brisk walk. Wow seven laps for the late comer. The team did more though. They must have done at least fifteen laps. Right after their laps they move onto some serious stretching and warm-up exercises. I feel ashamed. There is no difference between myself and them in regards to being physically complete (alhamdilla) so there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to run *at least* ten laps without break (yeah I forgot to mention they ran around the white lines of the court which makes the length of their laps a lot shorter than our laps in tennis).

I’ve decided, I’m going to do it inshalla. Even if it means quitting tennis for a month to accomplish that goal….


Dragon said...

I'm worried. It could be your diet. Excess carbs turn into sugar in ur body and suck your energy out by requiring your body to use it's enzymes to break the food down. Raw foods like veggies and fruits contain their own enzymes which give you lots of energy. Or you could still be anemic. Keep taking vitamins and try to build your stamina slowly by walking every morning.

Bookworm said...

I'm sure those volley ball players had stamina problems in the beginning. Don't push yourself too hard and expect to do 3 or 4 laps on the first go. What's that saying? 'Slow but sure'? That's how it is in the world of sports. You'll get there El Hazard, if you take care of yerself. My number one rule for you is: NEVER come to practice w/o eating, or a certain someone will KILL you, y'hear?

Try the drink I'm always raving about, danoe. It's milk + fresh juice and is bursting with energy.

You'll be doing 10 laps in no time inshaAlla, just don't be hard on yourself!


El Hazard said...

I'll try to remember that bit about eating something ;)

I seriously didn't have time that day to get breakfast before tennis coach would have really been popping at the seams. Her level of blackness as it was was more than enough for me.

Ha ha, so u'd kill me for breaking ur number one rule..tsk tsk then i'd be dead either way. Hmmm, I wonder which would be worse, dying of starvation/exhaustion playing tennis on an empty stomach or dying from BW killing me..... lol.

Btw I'm allergic to that Danoe drink. But not to worry, I'll eat and drink plenty of other 'healthy' things and be in top shape in no time inshalla ;)

Arigatou though =)