Sunday, September 10, 2006

Lord Gracious

I was going to title this post "Wakarani II" but seriously, after such 'grace' was displayed before me I can only repay it by being 'gracious' to His Highness and dedicating this post to his 'graciousness'.
By God, I've never met a person like him in my entire life! (awina I've had a very long life and have seen so much, lol ) Let me distinguish that saying from the one I use for Senpai. When I say it for senpai, I get hearts in my eyes, swoony and start dancing around... LOOOOOOOOOL I am so kidding =P (I bet Dragon just fainted, she's going to double her efforts and heighten her weak 'steam' to try and figure out who senpai is now... ohohohoho!) Actually when I was chatting with senpai about my new job and Lord Gracious she said he sounds like the type of person that one doesn't meet everyday - one in a million. Fact is I say the same about her - that she's one in a million- lachin I mean it in a totally different way than what was meant for LG..
Dunno why but it always seems I end up getting the weirdos. The last time I went to an interview the lady was a ripe one. Like murder someone throw them in her basement go on about her business type weirdo. Anywayz I'm straying from the main topic...
Let's see where was I? Oh yeah, So after applying ages ago for the job (I seriously wasn't aiming to be a teacher. I wanted to be an assistant but I guess that just wasn't meant to be) they hemmed and hawed and really didn't want to hire me. Heck it was obvious! In a way I was pissed cuz they wouldn't come right out and just say they didn't want to hire me.
Anywayz, now that school has started already and they've got like no teachers (I wonder why! lol truth is most of the teachers quit except for 3) they're panicking. Ha. I can see the three person administration cupping their hands and calling out to eachother - they're so cheap they don't even have a PA system - "We are now in a state of emergency, please try to remain calm..."
The principal interviewed me. Guy is supposed to be a doctor (as in has a Ph.D in something... Stupidity maybe?"). Ok so after the initial lame intro jokes, which consisted of asking me 4 or five times if my mother was so and so and if my sis was so and so. He knows damn well and answered the question before I even answered. He even had the nerve to laugh afterwards.
Then he gets semi serious, that would be when he pulls out his gold framed glasses from some prehistoric time. Stares down at my resume while his mouth does all these weirdo twitching movements. (If he wasn't in a school I'd probably have skipped out of there with the quickness) He starts asking about things that are clearly written down on the resume in front of his face. Like this q: "So, sister, do u have any experience?"
::blink blink:: isn't that what a resume is created and based upon? Ok, I'll humor him. "Yeah" I reply. Then he moves on to some really stupid questions like where did I work before.. DUDE! It's all on the resume that you're staring at! I answered but this time I couldn't help but point out that it was written right there on that darn paper. Gosh it took me awhile to put together such a masterpiece of a resume.. Lol considering since my experience was all of two things and education consisted of two things as well. Had to fix it so there wasn't so much gaping empty spaces at the top and bottom of the page. Ha ha, seems all my hard work was totally lost on LG.
Well, before he moves on to other questions he asks me "Sister, how old are you?"... Let's see, I went through the trouble of writing my D-O-B on that bloody resume for a reason and it certainly wasn't for my health! My GOD! how, how?? did he manage to get his job?
Finally the resume discussion is over and His Highness moves on to salary, contract etc.. That's when lame-o doctor transforms into *righteous drum roll here plz* Lord Gracious. He could not stop harping about how gracious he was being to me by hiring me and having no conditions / restrictions attached like how he has to do some ppl. And how it's only cuz he knows my mom and sis that he's offering me that position and being so gracious blah blah blah. I have a habit of raising one eyebrow when something is like so unbelievable - like his stupidity for instance. Today I seriously thought my eyebrow might get stuck up there.
LG said he hopes I can handle the kids and told me I have to be nice to them blah blah blah. honestly?! It's not like I'm that sick pervert he got for a security guard that was caught SUCKING this kid's lips. OMGWTF ?! right? He got busted by the kid's mom and the mother was really pissed about it...actually pissed might not be the right word to describe that. At any rate that was a piece of action. But that filth didn't get fired. Oh what a twisted world we live in! Maybe I take offence to things too easily but in my opinion I don't think one needs to be told that they have to be nice with the kids - if anything, I hope i'm not too nice and the kids become unruly.
Silence for a while. LG was thinking about God only knows what - I surely wouldn't even want to know, I'd probably have nightmares for the rest of my life!
LG suddenly perks up and says would you be happy to work for our school? "Hell no" I gave him an "umm yeah". Didn't like the sound/feel of that lie rolling off my tongue. Lucky me LG wasn't feeling insecure about that and decided to make me swear I'd be happy working for the school. He claims the school's image is really important and I have to add to it and help it grow by performing my best. ::yawns:: I wonder if he got his Ph.D legitimately
I've really let this 'project' carry me away. I intend to go all out with it and spare it no expense - even if that means I have to do some honest hard work to do so.... Well at any rate, I was the one whining about the need for a new experience and it looks like I'm about to get just that....


Dragon said...

First of all, this senpai chick? So don't care. You always find someone to matter more than your sis, guess cuz I'm never there. Second of all, that was a typical interview. The reason they ask those questions is to verify if you really know the info on ur resume and if you can elaborate on past experience. All jobs do that. From what you were saying, he sounded like he did a good interview and let's be honest were lucky to get hired as a teacher since your experience is so minimal. Hell, I'd be lucky to get hired too and my experience is way more than yours. Congratulations, though.

El Hazard said...

Seriously that guy was beyond...

Evidence in his continued stupidity this morning when I walked in for my first day...