Wednesday, August 30, 2006

SPD Emergency!

Mood at the moment: Very Very Eswad.
What I feel like doing most at the moment: Playing Tennis.

Two words for Al Mawahib Private School, it's filthy Irani owner (awina mutawa3) and the principals (yeah there's two of them a husband and wife package deal): SCREW YOU.
Seriously that place is the devil's den. I must have been momentarily possessed by the devil himself to actually even have considered taking a postion in that place. Praise the Lord I've come to my damn senses.
I mean God! Actually let me not even get into that black school. I could write a full length novel about that eswad place and still have enough dirt left for a sequel.
That was the morning part of my day till 2. Aside from getting up way the heck too early (7am was hardly enough sleep considering how exhausted I was last night) I ended up wasting 5 and a half hours of my life in such a shameful place.
There was basically no afternoon part. A couple of hours till 5:30 lounging in my chair after this morning can hardly be considered sufficient.
At 5:30 I picked up my sister from skating practice and immediately went shopping. Shopping for what? Fur-ni-ture! I must have drove all over sharjah and looked in every decent looking furniture store in the space of 5 hours... that's 5 hours that I could have been home working on my project or getting some shut eye!
Needless to say we came back EMPTY-handed. Wanna know why? Cuz my tastes and my sister's tastes are as different as night and day that's why. I knew before we went that we would come back empty. That kind of shopping really really irritates me.
Oh and the icing on the cake was some of the stupidos on the road tonight... I shall exercise self control though and post that to the other blog where it belongs.
Writing is making me feel a little better. Maybe after I post to the other blog I'll go chill with a tennis match, of course it won't be like *actually* playing myself but it's the next best thing and all I can do at ten minutes to 12.
Mmm something notable that I forgot to mention; as of today I've enlisted in the SPD....

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