Monday, August 28, 2006

Oishiiiii !

Simple words so can't do the description of the Karak I had today justice... Oishii, oishii, OISHII!
Despite the fact that it was delicious, even though it was the afternoon batch (morning Karak from that place is amazing! the afternoon stuff is simply just better than the other tea places, nothing utterly amazing about it.) it was only one cup, hardly enough to keep a "caffeine-pire" like myself awake much less active.
God! I can't believe the official summer vacation is nearly over... This summer was weird though. Somehow I can't say it was good or bad. It was different. I can't exactly put my finger on what it was but I know I've never had a summer like this one before.
I was going to post about my interview today but I reckon I should wait till everything is finalized..
Anywayz, I think I'll go watch FMA the movie, possibly the latest two Ouran Highschool Host Club eps and if I have any chakra left to keep my tired eyes open then I'll watch an ep of Cluster Edge and catch a few minutes of a tennis match before I crash. Thankfully I already put in some work on my project today!

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Bookworm said...

There's a Karak place near your house that's so good that even the police got suspicious. They actually took a sample of the karak to some lab to check that it had no drugs that make it addictive.

Might be the one you're talkin' bout.