Monday, August 07, 2006


(The Power Of Will)

Yes, I do believe that tiny, non gendered, geek named Will, who lives deep inside of every animal* , truly possesses great power. Not to say that Will's relative ; Desire, isn't powerful as well. I've yet to figure out Will and Desire's relation to eachother... they seem to clash very often. Maybe they've got a sibling sister-sister or brother-sister type relationship going. Perhaps a husband-wife... They could be cousins...maybe..or not. The thought just occured to me, maybe Will and Desire aren't related at all but are 'Co-workers', merely acquaintances thrown together to work on the same project. Whatever they may be, when they actually agree on something the result is AMAZING..
For instance, while I was out I had a taste for S.M. Mirinda. Had all intentions of buying it and drinking it, knowing - rather believing- it doesn't have caffeine. In the few minutes it took to pull up at the store and park, Will and Desire had already battled it out and came to a mutual agreement resulting in a ceasefire (no RICE pudding needed.) So instead of telling my bro "Get me a S.M. Mirinda." I handed him a tenner and told him to buy himself 2 donuts from dunkin's (didn't I say I'm a damned fool?) Desire had been adamant about that Mirinda. Will couldn't have cared less except for the fact that Will knows pop is bad for body and body needs energy for tennis later today. Desire likes tennis, so conceded to a treaty with Will this time.
Will has been keeping Desire in check during my great caffeine abstinence. Proves Will can be pretty affective against Desire when need be. Personally I prefer when Desire decides to parade for a good cause and Will gets dragged in.
Dang, I had a point for this post and now I can't seem to remember what it was.....
*According to my HS biology book, humans are classified as 'animals'. I can definitely see why!


Dragon said...

I read your whole blog (or as much of it as I could sit thru, lol)and finally understand about the maid. i think we should put out an APB on that hag and get righteous. So far I've got three things to do justice about when I get to Sharjah inshallah: Running Chot's phone, Hafsa's coach and now this maid. Though we may not be able to find her, we can still mould up vengeance and send it her way most expeditiosly. Kinda like moulding up Hasad. Yo, who is kaleidoscope?

Bookworm said...

According to Monsieur Darwin we are nothing but Apes.

Isn't that delightful to know?