Monday, August 07, 2006

Dunkin ((Smokin')) Donuts

That's what they should rename the Halwan branch anyway. Every morning and every night after 11 pm there is a group of people (different set each shift) sitting in the corner by the door smokin' the place to hell and back.. Seriously Sharjah needs to hurry up and get with that "no smoking in public ban"
Of course Smokin' Donuts might find a way to side step such a ban. It just dawned on me that, that place has to be the world's BIGGEST, wide-open yet inconspicuous conspiracy! Firstly, think nicotine ; an addictive ingredient in cigarettes. Secondly, smoke from cigarettes for even a few mins seem to penetrate anything that happens to be around it - so just imagine the poor donuts! Masakeen wallah! So now put 2 and 2 together... (5 is not the answer)
Figured it out? Ha. So once the donuts have been 'contaminated' then unsuspecting innocent non smoking customers (I'd include myself in that category except I'm no longer unsuspecting and innocent - rather I'm just a damn fool that knows but still continues to drown in me own ignorance) go ahead and consume the nicotine tainted donuts... U following my train of thought here? hmmm I wonder....
Anywayz in the end folks get addicted to those 'donuts' and come back for more. (The evil mankind stoops to in their struggles for cash!)
This post has absolutely nothing to do with HS, but it is a thought after HS so in a sense I've managed to stay on topic....some how!

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Bookworm said...

I must say, that I do have a strong prefernce for those nicotine flavored donuts. They sink right into your tastebuds and that's they only real way to experience donuts. Nicotine and hamburgers, however, stink to the core. Feels like rat meat.

You had me in fits there, El Hazard. No smoking in public ban, in SHJ? Let me give you a prompt, realistic answer for this: When pigs fly..(To stay on a more traditional and religious side with respect to the culture, I should say: When cows fly. And cows in the UAE tend to come in X-large).