Friday, August 25, 2006

Once upon a time..

Feels like ages since I last posted anything here. Needless to say I finished Gankutsuou. God, I was angry. Can't remember being that angry over a story since I was a kid. When I was a kid (preschool days) I had three stories that I was madly in love with. A day couldn't go by without me having heard at least two of them. They were: Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and The Very Hungry Catepillar.
Goldilocks was my book but the other two came from the library and had to go back every so often. At any rate since the books were read to me on such a regular basis I basically had them memorized down to the finest details. The adults of the house used to get really tired of having to read the same stories over and over again so occasionally they would get creative on me and make up parts of the story. -Unacceptable!- Mother says I used to throw huge tantrums if the story wasn't told properly. The only time I accepted a variation of one of my beloved stories was when my older sister told a totally made up version of Goldilocks. It was exceptionally good and really long. I think it was so long that it dragged on for days and when she finally finished I begged her to tell it again. Of course she didn't feel like it and most likely had forgotten how the heck she started it so she said she couldn't.
Anywayz my point was that ever since I was a kid it used to anger me when a story wasn't told properly. When I read about Gankutsuou it was like OMG, one of my favorite stories in a japanese anime?! I immediately thought it was going to be the most amazing anime I had seen to date. The animation was amazing. The beginning eps were also equally amazing...but then they had to do it. I think it was ep 18 that suddenly took a wrong turn and incurred the wrath of the Hazardous one!
Despite my anger, curiosity got the better of me so I continued watching. I'll admit that it was a good anime if one just pretends it's a Japanese tale called Gankutsuou that is very similar to The Count of Monte Cristo.
Aside from finishing Gankutsuou I've basically done nothing for the week, with the exception of lounging around watching tennis and waiting for Soul Link to finish downloading - not even work on my project! I feel like I've been extremely lazy. Thankfully that mood has passed and I'm in productive mode again.


Dragon said...

Whoa, I remember the Three Billy Goats Gruff phase. Everytime you sat down to hear it from one of us it was like you'd never heard it before. You were that interested. I don't really recall doing my own version of Goldilocks...but I remember improvising a lot of stories for you back then. Trick was to make the story more ridiculous/violent than the original. Didn't my version have Goldilocks catching the beating of her natural life for leaving the house in the first place??? LMAOOO!!

El Hazard said...

yup, she sure did catch a righteous beat down in ur version!