Friday, August 25, 2006


Hmm... I really can't think of a suitable title for this post. Ah well, I'll just continue writing and maybe something will come to mind.
I forgot to mention last post that my HS diploma finally arrived. (lol I guess as long as senpai knows doesn't matter if I tell anyone else or not.) Oh and I got my Lt, in fact I'm writing this post from it and the last post was written from it also.
I must say despite their tardiness and screwing my results, they did a really fly job on the diploma. Put it inside of a blue sleeve like soft case and included this gold colored graduation tassle.
Before the diploma came I had decided to get a job and register for the spring semester of the university. After seeing the diploma that decision did a complete 360 and I was seriously going to exert all effort into getting in this semester.
Ha ha, who was I kidding? Reality check... It would have been serious rush rush rush, stress on top of stress had I really went ahead and tried for such a thing. Unnecessary and troublesome. Besides I didn't even really put serious effort into finding a job. I lazily looked around and sorta gave up when I didn't find ten dance gracefully into my hands.
So brief distraction out the way, I'll continue my job search tomorrow inshalla with fresh 'chakra'. (Dunno why but when ever I think of chakra, "karak" comes to mind.....)


Bookworm said...

Congrats again :D. The diploma sure locks amazing - bery professional. Proud of ya.

InshaAlla your job interview was great and you'll get to uni - I know it. Allah Ewafgich.

Bookworm said...


El Hazard said...

arigatou guzaimasu =)