Saturday, August 19, 2006

No rest for the weary....

.... no peace for the wicked. In every household I think there are a few unspoken rules that the members of the house are just BORN knowing! One such rule in this house is: Never announce or openly show the intention of sleep after sunrise. After publishing my post I shut off comp, got a drink, made my bed and got in it. Not even ten minutes later the mother comes in (it just kills her to see someone lounging, sleeping, relaxing or in general doing nothing constructive once the sun has risen) and starts talking and fingering something on the dresser. (now that I think about it I think she stood up all the chess pieces that were scattered on top of the dresser.) It's known amongst myself and siblings that the best way to avoid attention - and work!- is to make oneself scarce. In my case, being dead tired and not really wanting to move (hell where was I supposed to go? She was in MY sanctuary! ) I decided to follow unspoken rule #102 : If mother has that "look" in her eyes - the one that means she's plotting some work at the moment to send you off with- then avoid eye contact at all costs! (That's of course if you have no where else to disappear to...)
Well I did that. I simply shut my eyes. Ha ha, too late! From the time mother had walked in the door I was doomed. Note to self: Next time lock the door. I was kicked out into the street, shoes, car keys, license and bag thrown after me. Traumatizing wallah! I was told to drop my sis at work and on the way pick up her co- worker - carpool driver y3ni- then on my way back detour and pick up my bros from the dojo. There went sleep.
No point trying to do so at this hour either. Tennis is in 3 hours. If I sleep now I doubt I'd be able to rise -even for tennis. I am so looking forward to the end of this day and it's not because sleep would be near ::evil grin::

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Dragon said...

oh, you that's why u sounded like that this morning...and didn't umi pick us up???