Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ginban Kaleidoscope

The next person who tells me anime is "for kids" is seriously going to suffer the consequences. "Kids' shows" don't provoke people into deep thinking or to shed tears while watching. Okay maybe once or twice there was a sad scene in a kids' show and my eyes glassed over but once the scene was over khalas it was easy to just wipe the stray tears and move on. Not the case with anime, if it's supposed to be sad, glassed over eyes and a few tears is certainly not the limit.
The first time I watched an anime (samurai 7 ep 25) and found tears streaming down my face I was furious with myself. After watching the first 140 eps of Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist and Honey & Clover it became perfectly normal, to myself....I'd never dare let any of my siblings see me shedding tears over an anime, to pour out tears over sad scenes. (Naruto alone had plenty).
Since watching Black Cat back in March I hadn't seen any anime that really got tears outta me - that is until I watched Ginban Kaleidoscope this week. Honey & Clover II had me glassy eyed in a few eps but nothing that kept me awake at night. I watched the last ep of Ginban last night, shed tears when the ghost Pete had to leave and then couldn't fall asleep due to thoughts that wouldn't go away. I decided to blog what was on my mind but once I had my blog all open, my thoughts refused to be converted to words. "Fine" I thought, "I'll just watch a few eps of Gankutsuou to take my mind off of Ginban and the thoughts it had provoked."
Ha ha, ironically those "few eps" happened to be when a certain pocket watch, with the words "Death is certain, it's hour uncertain" engraved into it, comes back into focus. That was the end of sleep for me. A smarter person would've cut off Gankutsuou and either found something lighter to watch or resolved to sorting out their thoughts. El Hazard did neither and instead continued watching Gankutsuou even though that now means those eps will have to be re-watched. I honestly couldn't tell a soul what happened in those eps as I basically just stared at the screen.
Some time around 3 am senpai appeared online - much to my surprise. After chatting for a bit I felt a little better (I can hardly think of a time during these past few years that I was feeling down right crappy and senpai didn't cheer me up - some how her randomness seems to coincide with whenever I feel the need to talk with someone most. To her: "Arigatou") and made up my mind about a few things...
Now it's already after 7 am, my mind calmed and eyelids heavy, I shall go to sleep. I have tennis at 12 pm and it wouldn't do to yawn my head off during class..or doze off on my feet and suddenly wake to find a tennis ball on collision course with my head!
Yosh, bed here I come!


Dragon said...

Whoa...admitting to tears...I never thought I'd live to see the day! Who is Senpai? I must find out...

El Hazard said...

bwhahahahaha...u'll never find out who my senpai is =P