Thursday, August 03, 2006

Impossible n'est pas français

I like that phrase. There is no such thing as impossible, not just to the French but to all people. Where there's a will and ambition there is ALWAYS a way. The chances of there being no possible way are like 99 to 1 in favor of the possible. At least that's what I like to think when I have something in mind that I want to possess or accomplish...
I was giving serious thought to the laptop I wanted, hmm maybe 'want' is an understatement... I had been drooling and obsessing over Dell's line of gaming laptops for some months now and only tonight did the thought occur to me, "What in the heck do I want or need in a gaming laptop?!" Sure they look ultra cool and all but seriously. Given the times I had wished for a laptop; when all the comps in our home are taken by siblings, or I wanted to write down a story outline in bed (ok ok, I know I've reached new heights in laziness...) or times when I'm forced to part with the home computer to accompany mother some place, or other times when I'm stuck places and want to get some writing done but don't feel like going through the trouble of writing it down in my notebook and then having to turn around and do it again on the comp. I can honestly say I've never wanted a laptop solely for the purpose of playing games. Thinking in that way the realization hit me, it would be much cheaper to get a gaming desktop with all the latest junk than to try and fit all of that into a laptop. With that in mind I had another look at the 'normal' laptop line on Dell's website and found a sensible Lt that would suit my needs and be easily accessible. Ha ha, 'easily accessible' meaning that I can exercise enough self-control to withhold my sinful spending and actually save enough to make such a purchase! So like the french say:
Impossible n'est pas français
In every movie or cartoon that I have ever watched I can honestly say that I truly admired the bad guy(s). Doesn't mean I actually 'liked' the villains though. I only found it fascinating how even though everyone knows the 'good guys' always win the bad guys never give up. No plan is impossible to carry out. They go about executing their 'ultimate' plots with diligence and ambition such as should be envied. In the event that their plans are foiled -which they always are - they don't give up, heck no, they turn around and devise a better plot with less 'holes' in it. Their patience and persistence in devising plots, failing and devising again should be applauded. This characteristic common to the 'villains' isn't only found on TV or in books, real life bad guys have the same characteristic. But like I said, I admire them for that and only that and shall remember:
Impossible n'est pas français
The deadline date for fall admission in the Uni I wanted to attend this year came and went but without that darn diploma I, unfortunately, can't do a thing but wait. Fine, nothing's impossible. It's not impossible for me to attend Uni this year inshalla. I'll just have to exercise patience. In the end this might be a good thing after all. I'll probably take up a full time job until admissions are open again in November for the next semester. In which time I'll save up for that Lt, complete my many writing projects and in the end enter the uni remembering:
Impossible n'est pas français
The French really are very cool people. Some day I plan to take up French - it's not impossible !


Bookworm said...

Touche! (reminds ya of smfin? ;)) If you look hard enuf, there's always another way to get/achieve something. It's a great attitude towards life - inshaAlla you'll always keep it and get what you want.

Hm..You've really given this bad guy some deep thought. I have to admit you have a point tho. I've always liked them myself, not for the reason you stated but because they could be evil. In most scenarios, the good guys are just too goody-goody!!

El Hazard said...

Touche..hmmm. First thoughts that come to mind are tennis and The Three Musketeers.
Lol 'too goody-goody'. I only find them that way when they start 'honor trippin' and using the deep Buzz Lightyear out to save the world voice, then it's like GOD, may the bad guys win!