Monday, July 31, 2006

The Negligent Friend

Was preparing to do some 'forced' writing (what I say when I'm not in the mood to write but know I'll be happier to see finished work as opposed to a pile-up of started, neglected projects) when I came across a poem I had written in HS after reading Edgar Poe's "The Raven". I was infatuated with his style in that poem and attempted to write one imitating it. (It was assigned as extracurricular work...something I rarely did but for whatever reason it appealed to me so it became one of the few times I actually did something extra in HS.) I titled it "The Negligent Friend" .... Dunno why I chose to write about that, but I definitely had someone in mind. Here's the poem:
(the (a), (b), (c) signifies the rhyme scheme )
(a) I pace within my chamber
(b) What has possessed her so?
(a) I wonder what became her
(b) I treat her not so low
(b) What’s the problem, let me know………

(a) It’s her that I do favor
(b) Does she not see it so?
(a) For her I’d do such labor
(b) But she doesn’t seem to know
(b) Can’t you see? I’m not your foe………
(a) A thought I do not savor
(b) But a thought I can’t let go
(c) Have the ties of friendship broken?
(b) A question with an answer which I surely do not know
(b) If you hate me do say so…………………
(c) Could this be her thank-you token?
(b) And still I love her though……
(c) My thoughts grow so quite sulken
(b) Why is it she treats me so?
(b) Is there something I don’t know?…….
(a) Insults me with a laugh such makes me quaver
(b) Anger so suppressed I loathe to show
(a) Respect for her becomes as though a labor
(b) But still I love her though
(b) Why is it you treat me so?………………
(a) The scene is all the graver
(b) My anger starts to flow
(a) No cause for her behavior
(b) My anger does but grow
(b) Why is it you treat me so?
(b) Why Oh why, I want to know……………

(a) Sometimes I wish to change her
(b) But how, I do not know
(a) If my temper only tamer…..
(b) She just doesn’t seem to know
The poem was longer than this. It seems I didn't have the full version on the disk but I remember in the end there was something about this person being 'thrown' from my bedroom window. Hazardous thoughts...
Btw: Before anyone gets the wrong idea... "Love" in this poem is as one loves a close friend not anything else, yall know what I mean so no need to elaborate here, Capisce?


Bookworm said...

LoL. Si, capisci!
Now, I'll have to read 'The Raven' for sure. Been a while since I read any poems. Liked urs -what I call 'Fluent'.
After all, it's coming from the author of POA and TOP ;)

El Hazard said...

Arigatou guzaimasu.