Friday, August 04, 2006

19 Pages, 940 Message(s), 357 Unread - 221 of which are FWDs

Yes, I actually went over 19 pages with the sole purpose of counting the unread FWDs contributing to the total of 357 unread. Two hours in front the computer calling myself cleaning out my inbox and it still looks like a local trash dump. Compare my room with my inbox and one could find alot of similarities..besides the fact that I own both! Surprisingly they both have a common solution... If I had a hot cappuccino in hand right now I assure u it would have only taken ten minutes to straighten out that inbox. A few clicks and all fwds would have been shown the gracious path to the trash bin. Another couple of clicks and all useless emails from family members would follow the fwds. All the fastweb scholarship sheemot would be the next to go.... hmmm that would bring me down to around say... a hundred emails. I'd sip my cappuccino and give the remaining emails the 'khalee whalee'.
Damn, this is really turning into a pointless post.... blame it on caffeine withdrawal! Yes, definitely withdrawal. It's probably the real reason behind 90 % of peoples problems worldwide.
To post or not to post....that is the question.
Excuse my caffeine withdrawal induced pointless sheemot post - think of it as a 'filler'.....

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Bookworm said...

Aha - Trying to justify that caffiene purge, I see. Or to be more exact, laying out the unexcusable reasons in tow to convince yourself of your innocence. I've seen this strategy countless of times. My youngest brother is a pro at that and has been my source of information for all ideas (very innovative at tiems) in justifying undeemed behavior. After all, he is a co-founder of the acclaimed 'Mischief Unlimited'.

This will not be seen as a filler, but would be filed away and used in future discussions. I must thank you for posting it. You surely had me and my perfect memory in mind when you decided to 'fess up. I appreciate your efforts.

Oh, and while at your inbox, kindly do mine as well. It's a messy, forsaken place. It will take you more than 10 minutes, I assure you, with or without your sacred cappuccino. As messy as anything belonging to me gets, when i start 'cleaning', I have to categorize, organize, and put things in almost 'venn sets'. I attack my room, for example, with zealous hysteria, that usually ends with me freaking out when an unbehaved cable sneaks out from the scrunchie I tied laboriously over it and displays itself in my field of vision.

Oh my Allah. Whatta long comment. It's almost a post. That's what happens when I don't get ZZzz.