Monday, July 24, 2006

Shakespeare, EAT ur heart out!

The Japanese have definitely surpassed Shakespeare.. Be it drama, comedy or tragedy the Japanese own Shakespeare in all genres.
This comes after watching a truly amazing Japanese anime called Mai HiME. It doesn't really look that interesting from the summaries and things though. I happened to be passing-by my sis who was watching it (of course just in time to see a righteous explosion) for a minute I stood mesmerized by the action playing out on the computer screen. I lost interest as soon as the scene changed and walked off. When I passed again though it was a scene (which lasted less then half a minute- I realized after I watched the whole series) of the students in "tennis" practice. That did it, El Hazard was SO going to have to see this anime. The story was interesting. (I hate it when there's no real story to a plot! - unless of course it's "Ouran High School Host Club" ) One of the few animes that actually got tears outta of me (go ahead and say it u have El Hazard's royal permission to). Anywayz, it's not the kind of anime that can be described, one just has to see it for themself.
Poor Shakespeare.....

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El Hazard said...

Forgot to mention that Mai HiMe was one of the few anime that I've seen that actually had a satisfying ending....actually the ONLY anime that had a good ending. Sure most anime have good stories but very few can masterfully put together an ending that leaves u smiling.