Friday, July 28, 2006

Of men and mice

Amid rumors of a 'queer' superman comes the new media hyped limited edition "Superman Punch" Mirinda - ironically it's 'Fruit' punch. Umm pepsi co. comments please...... lol pun definitely intended here.
As of a few minutes ago, El Hazard decided to plunk down a dirham and have a taste of pepsi co.'s latest. (They could have spared the ppl! Seriously, they have superman posing with that darn can at almost every roundabout (and if it ain't supermouse it's those retarded looking phone ads with the guy and his weird piece of beard and the lady and her super digusting nails!). My poor eyes!
Surprisingly, unlike last year's Batman concoction (which was truly horrible) this year's super punch was pretty good. The only way I could think of that truly describes it would be to say it's an upgraded 'Shani'.
I'm not really a flavored pop fan (once a year on average I'll drink an apple mirinda) so the super punch gets a 8/10 .
Hehe since it's limited edition maybe I'll stock pile 'em while supplies last and resell them (triple the price bwhahaha) to supermouse fans on ebay....
Don't u just love it when a plan comes together?

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