Saturday, July 29, 2006

Simon says....

I was on my way to pick up my sister from basketball practice and saw my tennis coach. Didn't think it was actually possible...much less my admitting to the fact... but I really miss her. Sure at times she could be a real "hard nose", in fact that's about 98 percent of the time, but it's something one gets accustomed to..
I've pretty much decided I'm going to deliberately disobey doc's orders... What's the worst that can happen?! I'll die? - Aren't we all going to die anywayz? Rather let me rephrase that, We are all going to die anywayz PERIOD. Worse than that would be to actually throw up on the court in the middle of practice (ugh). In that case El Hazard forsees 100 excellent options to remedy that:
Option #'s 1 thru 99:
Don't eat anything before practice,
(NOTHING! no breakfast wa la lunch NOTHING!)
Option # 100 :
If El Hazard finds self in the process of throwing up on court, hold it, fight urge no matter how strong, and make mad dash off court for restroom.
It's fool proof ::evil grins::
With that El Hazard shall prepare racket and self for return to the court next week!


Bookworm said...

AS IF! Hah - if I see you within half a mile radius of the sacred court the wrath of Bookworm shall be provoked. I will be forced to don on my karate gi, recharge my chakra to the fullest and come charging at thou..Be warned.

El Hazard said...

Senpai is S-C-A-R-Y ! Guess El Hazard shall have to make ready a huge quantity of books as offering to appease "The Book One" =P

Bookworm said...

If BN isn't going to make me budge, nothing will...::super scary tiger face::

El Hazard said...

In that case.. Call me Ms. Entrepreneur and my first order of business would be to acquire B&N, Amazon, Magrudys and every other major bookstore out there in one sweeping Monopoly (tm) styled move..

::Yoda voice:: Appease Bookworm I shall ! Appease Bookworm I must !

Bookworm said...

Hm..BN, Amazon and Mags? I can see that happening..heck, I might even give you my approval to play tennis 24/7..


Just a week to go! and you'll be free to do as you wish. In the meantime, eat as much spinach as you can. Spinach hamburgers rock!