Thursday, July 27, 2006

HS - Where bad habits are born!

Today - no actually this whole MONTH has been the worst I've had since finishing High School... The absolute worst - made a hundred times worse by having to refrain from my favorite bad habit... My beloved coffee. It's bad enough I had to quit tennis. But quit tennis AND abstain from even tasting my beloved black liquid is more than I can stand! I've come to the conclusion that this is "Divine Punishment" for knowingly breaking a promise. In the end it serves me right.
I remember the time, before I started HS, when I was a normal-once-in-awhile- drinking- a -cup - of- hot-chocolate-with-a- marshmallow- in- it - teen. Other than that 'hot' drinks were so 'out' for me. I used to read about, see people on TV and watch people around me drink and 'enjoy' coffee and wonder how people could bring themselves to drink it. To me coffee in all its flavors and kinds was just pure bitter tasting sheemot. I couldn't even begin to figure out how one could be addicted to it. I don't remember exactly when (those crazy days of HS are mostly fuzzy...I can only imagine what they must have been like for the people who actually went to school for them!) but somewhere during that first year I developed a strong liking for huge mugs of coffee with creamer. All hell would break loose on the days I found no coffee in the house. Those days I had to settle for 'tea' (something else I never used to drink before, unless it was 'iced tea'). Most people need coffee to stay awake - El Hazard on the other hand, couldn't sleep most nights without it! Nearing the end of my HS days I decided to be a bit more adventurous and try other sources of caffeine to satisfy my daily cravings. On the mornings that I had no time to get coffee I'd usually down two righteous cups of tea ("karak" they call it here ;) ) an Oronamin C and if I had a few fils left (ha ha more like a dirham) I'd blow it on a diet coke. During that time I attended morning classes 5 days a week from 8 am till 12pm. With all that caffeine singing through my veins it's amazing I managed to stay awake!
With the end of HS that phase was over and El Hazard was back to her beloved coffee - only this time it had to be cappuccino! Of course some days the cappuccino was put on the backseat while other flavors were explored. Some of the most interesting and memorable cups I've had were: The Emarat Station's Bakeria Hazelnut and Vanilla flavored Cappuccinos (two seperate flavors not both in one ,lol), Eppco's Mocha Cappuccino, My Mocha Almond Cappuccino (personal watch Starbucks steal the idea...) and of course my good friend's Chahwa. I'm not allowed to spill what that was (use ur darn imagination!) but it was AMAZING - as I like to describe things I truly enjoy...
Ok enough said about the coffee - it is after all only one of the bad habits formed during the horrors of HS!
Thankfully I dropped nail-bitting in elementary...

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