Tuesday, December 11, 2012



One of my best friends. I really really really love her. And even though we fight over stupid things and I get furious with her, truth is, she's become one of the people that I really can't live without. I can say I don't care when I'm angry at her, but I do, so much that my mood gets effected.

She's one of the few people that I would give everything I have and more just to never see her upset or uncomfortable in anyway. She's lucky to have someone like me *LOL cocky-confidence* - I too am lucky to have her in my life. When she's happy I feel happy. I can be in a horribly fucked up mood and then I'll see her laughing or smiling or see a pic of her doing either and I'd actually feel better.

I love to make her laugh. *heart* 

I really wish one day an awesome, caring, handsome, insanely rich guy would come for her - then there are days that I feel like there is not a single guy out there good enough for her. Can such a well rounded guy like that even exist - and not be gay, taken or Jewish?? I pray a lot for her, that's one of the things I keep praying for and Inshallah I'm hoping that is one prayer that will be accepted.

10 things I really love about her?

  1. She loves me also (and she said it first XD)
  2. Her laugh, her smile
  3. Her love for eating what I cook (especially burgers and pasta)
  4. How she gets lost in her own 79a world and is oblivious to her surroundings (sometimes that's the very thing that gets me so angry at her)
  5. Her hugs *heart*
  6. Her willingness to help (if she realizes you need it - God help you when she doesn't)
  7. How much she loves her Humpty XD (I love her humpty too :D )
  8. She's not one of those hopeless 5aroofas with a string of 5aroofs hanging off her ass
  9. Her love for sleep (Its really cute XD )
  10. Her scent (she always chooses great perfumes. soft, warm with a hint of action)
Graduation day is fast approaching and the thought is just so bittersweet. For every time I hit my head on the wall and asked myself what the hell led me to change my major to MIS, I remember that everything happens for a reason and had I stayed in English Lit major a lot of events leading up to meeting HKD would have never happened. Al7amdillah for everything, if I had the chance to go back and change anything, I would leave it all just as it is :D

Ya rab la t7rimni minha 2bdan w la yrini feeha b2san ybkeeni

I love you HKD gad al kown :*        

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