Tuesday, June 08, 2010


To what extent does the benefit of feeling every emotion outweigh not feeling anything at all? I find myself asking that same question almost every night. To love, to be happy, to feel pride in something done or joy over an accomplishment, those are good feelings. Fleeting moments which fill us with hope and optimism. But in the end, they are merely fleeting moments which come and go. Sometimes the time between those 'good' moments is prolonged and for a time nothing seems right. For some people they can carry enough hope and optimism to last them till the next time a good moment is upon them. But what happens to the others who have no such stores?

I ask myself, if given the choice - to feel or not to feel? Which would I choose? I certainly would not miss any emotions if I had the opportunity to rid myself of them. Even the ones that are supposed to be good do nothing more than cause pain. What would an emotionless person care if no one trusted them, or if people told them the truth or not. Feelings of being alone would probably go unnoticed. Things people say or the way they treated you wouldn't matter. To feel nothing would be the most awesome feeling ever. It's unfortunate a way to accomplish that has yet to be discovered. I would settle for them to be 'dulled' , as it is referred to, because as of the past couple of restless nights, I neither want emotions nor see any need for them.

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