Thursday, February 04, 2010

UOS - The Low Cost AUS

I had an interesting day today. Interesting days are rare. Partly the reason I've come to love Thursdays. They're just so full of random spontaneous events and occurrences.

I got to my beloved university early today though hot Dr. J (another post for another time) canceled all Thursday sessions until later on in the semester when we have to do presentations. I had some time to kill so I kinda bummed around in the car till my Global Marketing class at 2. So anyways, I'm not sure if I mentioned it here before but UoS had started "co-eding" some of its colleges (at first claiming financial crisis was the reason - ha I bet if this was during the time of petrol/gas prices being raised they'd blame that also.) though it was pretty obvious that was a well crafted false-hood when they added the college of business to the co-eding agenda. So yeah, in UoS's version of "co-ed" the girls are required to make pilgrimage to the guys' campus and sit in classrooms amongst fellow male mates with a wooden joke of a partition (seriously it was a JOKE it stood like barely elbow high and when one stands up the guys are right there.) and 2 entrance classrooms with signs on each entrance designating which is for the guys and which is for the girls. (I don't think anyone bothers reading them cuz we all enter from whichever door is closest regardless of what it's labeled). I remember telling my classmate the first time I saw the partition that it wasn't going to last and by the next semester we'd be sitting in the guys' laps and all would be right in the world.

How ((almost)) right I was (only off by timing). When we walked into the classroom for GM (which is on the guys' campus) the partition was goner than gone. Took a moment to figure out what was different in the classroom. I couldn't help but laugh. My classmate who walked in after me gasped and gasped then gasped again. She was fuming, raging, boiling. She kept going on about how could they do that. How could they take down The Great Wall. I told her she shouldn't be surprised considering it was only just last semester I told her they were going to tear it down and have us lapping up. Seriously, she ought to save her gasping for the co-ed mixer parties, complete with spiked punch, we'll soon be having. Then they'll make the dorms co-ed. YAYs~!

It's amusing and sad at the same time but hey its not MY personal uni so why should I give a damn if 'Chancellor Sam' leads the once reputable institution down the toilet just to prove that he, like Obama, can and has brought about 'change'. In the end (though it actually has already started and is in full motion, case in point being the group of like 10 freshies that sat around a table in the cafeteria and egged a girl on as she danced on top of said table shakira style - and yes there were male professors passing around and we have male food servers in some of the outlets) anyone with any bit of class or self respect is going to either a) send their offspring to the REAL AUS or b) send them abroad where there are real segregated unis that aren't trying to compromise their original purposes and bullshit everyone into thinking they need to co-ed.

I mean don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with co-ed unis IMHO. The problem is when an institution that was built with one purpose and is chosen by most for that purpose (like segregation) goes and decides just like that, that they need to 'modernize'. There is nothing backward about segregation of the sexes. Just look at the countless segregated colleges and universities around the world. I can think of 3 off the top of my head. Bresica (canada), another one that I forgot the name of in Australia and another in Columbia SC (USA). Their chancellors, even though they aren't even muslim, aren't running around trying to 'modernize' them by co-eding (which if you think about it is BS, cuz to modernize is to update outdated facilities or bring in new majors that may not have been previously offered in the region). People want co-ed, there are other institutions for that. Same here. People want co-ed there is no shortage of co-ed unis here. It wasn't a necessity to make UoS a co-ed institution. But like I said, it's not my uni to decide what goes and what doesn't, though, it will be amusing to see how Chancellor Sam will cover his ass when his great modernization move back fires and UoS loses what remains of its dwindling reputation.

I Love Thursdays, they are just so random ~


Bookworm said...

That's just sad.

Bookworm said...

You've been tagged ;)

El Hazard said...

Thnx, I'll have a go at it soon inshallah.

The T-Man said...

Cynical, and deep. Loved the fact you call the chancellor, Sam. Check out my blog, u might relate a bit.

El Hazard said...

I totally can relate to your blog ;)