Friday, April 24, 2009


Did I ever mention the level of disdain I hold for people who only remember my name and number when they want something?

I absolutely DESPISE them!


Roon said...

you know you are talking about only 80% of the human race?

Sarcastically Asking ~* those type of people seriously need some big N O to their face..

but be nice n naive..

it blows them away even more..

Yes, I am evil ~*


Ruby Woo said...

tell me about it!

Halawa said...

You know what I do? I don't respond to people like that *grins*. Whether I tell them sorry, can't help, too busy... or I just MAKE them realize that that's not how I "flow".

El Hazard said...


Ha, no wonder I dont like most ppl =P


What do you do when one of those individuals call you?


Lol, that would be a good idea but usually when a person like that calls I get surprised. The last person that called me, I hadnt spoken to her or seen her in ages (months) despite us being in the same uni! Then out of no where she calls. I was thinking oh wow she remembers I exist and wants to say hello like a normal friend would. As soon as I answered I realized I was probably dead wrong. Turned out I was =( For some reason I really can't say no when it's something I know I could do. Especially when its simple and doesnt take anything at all to do. I need to work on that..

Spear The Almighty said...

I also have that problem. Why does it always involve money or time?

Neel the DarkRanger said...

I know! It's sad. Such people take you for granted.