Friday, April 24, 2009

Just for a Second..

Imagine that there is something that you really wanna learn to do. No matter how many times you try the end result is the same - failure. Logically if you really want it your going to try putting in even more time and effort. But to your disappointment, all your time and efforts -no matter how good - doesnt render what appears to be inherently inevitable.

It doesn't help matters any that everyone around you believes that a) you aren't trying hard enough. or b) you aren't taking it serious or as serious as you should.

Family being less than optimistic about your efforts isn't that much of a surprise. But when your friends are on the same side of the field as your folks it makes you wonder.

It shouldn't be any surprise if you decide you've had enough of looking like a fool and put an end to all of it. Sometimes to walk away is simply the only answer left..


Roon said...

Wow Slow down your horses there...

Many people try to quit smoking; for instance, but they fail yet after hundreds of tries. So why go on quitting?

in such situations Thomas A. Edison's Quote rings a bell in my mind:

I have not failed. I've just found 10000 ways that won't work Maybe you're just missing out on something and ur not looking at the right corner.

Look at it from the 3rd eye point of view...

Your life your choice ~*

Ask Allah for guidelines, if u feel after that and only that, there is no chance in going on..

Best walk away then, But not any earlier..

El Hazard said...

Hmm, if it were a matter of smoking and quitting/not quitting I'd be a lot happier!

I like that quote though. The thought of trying this 10000 times over would kill me. I'd probably be a severe head case on every mental medication known to man by that time.

3rd point of view... hmm that only seems to be the disappointing/disapproving looks I get from everyone. And I guess if I were in their shoes I wouldnt believe that I was trying hard enough, I too would give myself the same looks of disappointment.

It sux really.

Roon said...


Take it easy...

Who said we should consider everything everyone says?

You got Allah...

n Me.. but i dont wanna sound Puffed..


I noe wt ever ur doin is great..

As long as u blv in urself..

Don't give it a 2nd thought..